Monday, July 28, 2008

Hangin' On By A Thread

Or A tendril
how's that for horticulture lingo?!

I've often wondered what that meaning felt like. Well, today another wowser, unusual questions in the ticket booth, a void, an "attitudal" man (shoved tickets and money at me). He ask for 13 and that's what he received. But a changed mind in a minutes notice can send a backlash. Not a pretty site!! Anyway all is well that ends well, or so another saying goes.

What does that mean?!! Cliches, I think I am beginning to hate them.

After this trying day and a headache to boot hubby wanted to drive to his home town and visit the carnival. Mainly for a burger and their fries. One hour of driving and we arrive to find out we are a week too early. Don't you just have to laugh about it all. We took our doggie to the water to swim. So all was not wasted, but the ride down with hubby was great. Spending time with him not in front of the tv was awesome. The setting sun was fabulous and the smell of clean air fantastic.

Off to bed me thinks, after I take something for my headache. I reminded myself God is in control. What the Lord is teaching me - relax, stand in confidence in Him not myself. I realize
how much my hubby has been gifted with teaching and being great at it. Two of his students in their critic commented he needed a raise. He really does have a special touch of teaching and being gentle at it.

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