Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Transactions - In the Negative

I am one that needs to balance my checkbook and make it equal to the penny. But in my training at my job the "drawer" is something else. I didn't like leaving it out of balance. My trainer said I would get used to it. Just leave it at work and walk away. But after getting home I went through everything I did in transactions in my head. I know where I was off in the drawer. She said it was an unusual and small amount. But really it wasn't unusual. Two transactions threw me off.

Can you live with being off even a little bit? not just in money, but in other areas of your life?

I know "but for the grace of God go I" is true. And I know He has a plan and purpose for my life. So I will let Him work through me and out of me what is necessary to be more like Jesus.

Off in balance $6.50 and hating it!! Balance in life something God is working on and that's where I'll leave it. As for my art - standing still!!


kiwicarole said...

Hi Dove! Just wanted to pop in and wish you a very belated birthday greeting, I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating!
Hugs, Carole

Sue said...

I'm a "to the penny" kind of person. And you can bet that if I borrow so much as a nickel, it *will* get repaid. Good luck with balancing the drawer!

Sherry said...

Dove, I know how you feel. I, too, hate being out of balance both in my spiritual life and work. Just the thought of dealing with someone else's money and making a mistake, kills me.