Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When making the dotees I am reminded of many young women in other countries caught up in sex trade and prostitution. Forced by their captors to do and live ways God never intended for any of us to live our lives.
Also of the millions of women in the US that allow themselves to
remain in abusive situations bc they believe they don't deserve better. The creator of dotees has women all around the world making dotees to give to women's shelters as a little tangible gift to cling to for comfort. It's simply amazing how something so small can have such power to heal.

I think I will bead the "yoda" doll around the feather edges. The purple fabric is a new ultra suede that is oh-so-soft. I need to add beading at the bottom. For kitty I wonder if I can add a fiber tail?

Its so important to renew our minds with the Word Of God everyday. What thought holds your mind captive and back from not being all God created you to be? Or do you have freedom in Christ?

Birthday Celebration in Heaven
My FIL was born on July 16th and if still alive would have been 83 years young. He always remembered my birthday and would give me a $50.00 bill and tell me to go spend it on myself. He would say, "Make sure you spend this on yourself and not on anyone else." He never forgot my birthday bc it was one day before his.
He is so missed even though it has been 12 years since his passing. Dad I guess you are celebrating in Heaven. Sometimes I imagine him going to the Father and saying,
"Look there, there's my girl."
Happy Birthday Dad.


Sherry said...

Oh wow! Today is our DS's birthday, same day as your FIL. I was just thinking this morning that I will never forget your day since it's just the day before our DS's.

Sherry said...

PS: Love your Dotees. The purple ultra suede looks so yummy and my favorite color.

Jacq said...

Your dolls are really cute. I have been making a few also, they are so fun. I need to take pictures and get them up on my blog.