Monday, July 07, 2008

Up A Tree

My son was watching a squirrel fortify her nest and called me to watch too. Have you ever seen a squirrel do that? She had a large nest in my holly tree. She moved down to the end of a limb and chewed a smaller branch off then carried it back to the nest. She placed it around the outer edges for protection. She was really interesting to watch. I wanted to get her on video but my camera battery died. If you look at the pic you can she her fuzzy tail and the nest. What amazing creatures! My dog has high hopes of catching one but they are just too fast for him.
I continue to be amazed at God and all his creation. I am working more hours so I have less time to create my art. But I am enjoying taking a few pictures with my camera. More to come.
Now I must close and go look at my friends' blogs and all their wonderful posts.


Fannie said...

I enjoy your photographs as much as your art. I love your words too.

Sherry said...

I was up a tree at my mom's on Saturday picking plums. A little squirrel ran over, with us both standing right there, grabbed a plum and took off. Animals are such wonderful creatures from God.