Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fragrance of A Rose Bloom

A journal post I did with my calligraphy pen. I also dried a few petals from the roses by pressing them in the journal. My rose bush was given to me from a friend when my FIL died. This sweet reminder is enjoyed every year from the front yard swing. My hubby and I sit and enjoy the blooms and reminisce about dad and what he would be doing if he were still alive. There are so many sweet memories about my FIL. I was amazed last year when my rose bush bloomed two separate times. Do they normally do that?

Oh my, I have to tell you I made it through the first night of training in the ticket booth. What a busy Wed. night. My manager said it was a very unusual night. Of course it was, I pray, "Lord give me everything you want me to learn." BUT rapid fire is not good. lol, it was standing line only. Like herding cattle through a stall - everyone was buying tickets to enjoy their vacation with family. One mom explained, "Give me 50 tickets I am going to spoil my son tonight and enjoy him." Now that's what it is all about!!! Off to work this morning.

A Crushed Petal Gives Even More Fragrance

What is crushing you in life?

Spread Your Sweet Fragrance!!

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