Thursday, July 24, 2008

Growing Tiny

I have never been able to grow tomatoes in my yard. Don't they require acid? I had beautiful azaleas in my yard - don't they need acid? I guess too much acid is not good. Like veggies/flowers we need alkaline too?!!?
I decided to try growing cherry tomatoes to see if I would have any better luck with them. Well I actually have blooms and now fruit from my labors. I left this little vine in a big pot.
I think I 'll go out and pick one and eat it straight off the vine. There is something about picking and eating fruit/veggies straight from the vine that is so rewarding and the taste seems to be better.

On Another Note
I just feel this really deep need to go deeper in my prayer life. I'm not satisfied - no its not that I'm not satisfied. Its that I feel something pressing in my spirit to cry out before the Lord. But for what?!!! I find myself weeping and falling on my knees before Him more.
I came back from grocery shopping this morning and being drawn to turn on the tv. Danette Joy Crawford of was teaching on "Suddenly" when time finally comes.
I just began to weep and weep. I knew she was hitting on something between me and God. Am I ready for my suddenly to come? I know promises yet to be fulfilled that God gave to me, BUT am I ready for them.

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Sherry said...

Dove these are lovely. My garden didn't do well this year. Too hot too early and no rain. The deer ate all three of my cherry tomato plants. :(