Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birth Of A Seed

Last night while working I was terribly bored. The weather was horrible
and there were not many people in the park. What it did allow me to do
was doodle a soul journal page. I don't know why but what comes to mind
in this is a fallopian tube. I call the page "Birth of a Seed". It's harvest
time - Fall - but time to be thinking of planting for the next season.
What are you birthing in your life right now? Are you sowing into good,
fertile ground?

1 comment:

Mary S Hunt said...

great page!!!
i hope so...he is planting this super wheat that is supposed to be THE wheat of the future...we will see just how resisitant to dry it really is...
on a personal page...i am growing work for the upcoming hunting season
i think that growth of a seed correlated to fallopian tubes is a natural thought...
when we can work on our pages at "work" isn't that a bonus!