Monday, September 08, 2008

Fat Memory Dolls - Granny

Here is my one memory doll so far. Wow did memories come flooding back in. Some good, some no-so-good. BUT all healing. This was great therapy. I am grateful to Sherry for hostessing this trade on FAT.

My memory doll is double sided. This side is my granny. I remember the
marble sidewalk leading up to their porch. "Don't you dare pluck one of
those out" was the scary words we would hear as we sat beside one of the marbles cemented into the sidewalk. The sporadic beads represent those marble memories.

Of course we thought we were sneaky enough to hide what we were doing. Funny thing, after my granny passed away I took my son to visit my aunt who lived there with her. He was fascinated by the marbles too but by this time they were worn and loosened enough for him to actually pluck one up. I'll never tell auntie he did that. She's in Heaven and knows all about it.

The fabric I chose is vintage feedsack my mother found when cleaning an elderly woman's home. She knew how much I loved fabric so in return for the cleaning mother ask for cloth and I became the recipient of some wonderful feedsack cloth. The pic is a one of my granny.

I meant to tell this the other day. When I was working the ticket booth I found out the day before our projected goal was low by $300.00 So I prayed, "Lord I desire my amount needed plus that amount." By the end of the night I was exactly to the penny above by that amount. How wonderful God is that He hears our every prayer. Thank you God!!
I was able to go down last night with my hubby to attend church and see my son during praise/worship. It was awesome. One amazing thing: favor of the Lord is on my hubby but he doesn't recognize it. The pastor came over at the end of service to introduce himself to my hubby. He didn't do that before my husband or after he met him. That was so amazing. Then he shared a few things with us that were very interesting too. More on that at a later date.
The facility has to hold four services on Sunday to accommodate everyone. Wow!
I only was able to hug and kiss my son before we left as they had one more service to do.
But it was great getting to worship with him and seeing what God is doing for him.

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