Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doggie Surgery

I've been awake since 3am. This is a day of dread. I don't want to take my dog for knee surgery. But hubby feels that is best. My youngest son and I will take him down. But bc he has separation anxiety to the point of drooling so much it looks like he has been given a bath, I have asked to wait with him until they sedate him for surgery. What a day!!

I'm sure glad God knows all and sees all. The owner of the sewing center where I shop sometimes has breast cancer and is also having surgery. They are asking patrons to stop by and make an embroidered block for her. But since I live over an hour from there I will make her a fabric card and send it up to add to her get well basket. Another godly woman I know lost her battle with cancer and passed away yesterday morning. She lives in Tennessee. Her hubby also had cancer, a different type, but is in remission. I ponder this all today in this early morning hour. We must all pass on, will we each accomplish what we have been sent here to do?!
Touching lives, making a difference for the good of others.


Sue said...

Prayers for your dog today. I will have my doggie cross her paws for him!

Maggie R said...

Hi Dove..... How did the doggie make out?? I hope all is well... poor thing. Gosh they can do everything for animals now,,

Sherry said...

Hope doggie came through okay. Please let us know. Many prayers for all.

morningDove said...

my doggie is getting active bc meds are wearing off. He wimpers alot but doc said that was normal. He is wanting to get in his chair so he will be leashed to a heavy furniture leg so if i leave the room he won't jump. Son is home now sitting with him. thanks so much for asking about Bear.