Wednesday, September 17, 2008


How do you let your husband know how much you appreciate him? My hubby has always taken such good care of our family. He is very hard working and not used to going to so many doctors to visit. But its good he is getting a complete physical in the next week. He's in therapy for his lower back and I think its helping him.

The doggie surgery was expensive enough but then the repair on our truck was at 500.00 Boy I think of all the people struggling with life decisions on jobs. I was talking to a young man, my son's friend, and his line of business seems to be drying up. So he is looking at his options. He is such a hard worker. It seems like things are getting crazy but I know God has a plan. God's economy is not the world's. His is so much better. So I will keep trusting Him and looking to Him for help.

I slept on the floor beside my dog last night in the living room. The doc released him the same day of surgery because of his anxiety and stress being away from me. Honestly, they made the right decision and I am glad she was thinking what was best for my dog; not what was convenient for her. The hardest part for me - all that shaving up the leg and back end. I wasn't prepared for that.


Mary S Hunt said...

i am glad to hear the doggie is home and mending fine...
it is hard to get husbands to go to the dr for themselves...and they are the worst patients...they think they mend a lot faster than the dr does ya know..
so we are here to make them listen

Jacq said...

Hi Dove, It sounds as if you have way too much on your plate. I hope your husband will be able to find some relief for his back. It is good to hear that your doggie is doing well and I hope you will be able to get back to sleeping in your bed.
Blessing to you.

Sue said...

So glad your vet let Bear come home with you early. I'll bet you all are happier this way. That's the sign of a great vet! Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Sherry said...

Just a simple "I love you" should be sufficient for hubby. I'm positive he knows. Your relationship with family and God reveals your inner most feelings. God Bless You Dove. Your are a special and wonderful woman.