Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost & Found - Journey 3

I had finished the base of this journal page last week waiting further
directions. Next step - Day 2 Make a border with my found objects;
ink, doodle, and add to the border.
What do these finds tell me about how I'm feeling today?
I just love the pressed glass objects that I chose from my job. I love
the colors I chose. They are colors I am working in more and more.
I enjoy the way they make me feel, fresh, alive and invigorated to create.

the purple magazine pages were left over cuttings. i don't throw anything away. i had left them on my cutting area. while shopping at Walmart I found the erasers and they reminded me of fimo clay. I sliced them into
pieces. the black binding was left over from another project, also laying
on my work table. Jeepers do I ever clean up anything. In due season.

The color pattern: purple and pink with a touch of black/white. I love it!!
I added the letters "M" and "E" at the bottom. I like typewriter looking letters. And I love flourishes. The arrow reminds me of a sargents patch in the army. It reminds me of one of three pics I have of my dad. It is him and a friend in their army uniforms. I'm really loving this soul journaling more and more.
i love not using capital letters when blogging and journaling. its kind of my way of rebelling against the status quo. and usually when i write my name its never capitalized? what does that tell you about me?
Oh yes!! i love the word "ME" in the Bible. usually when referenced it is talking about Jesus.


Virginia said...

Love the elements on your page.So curious about the next step.

Fannie said...

Wonderful, Dove! Bravo!

Sue said...

Love the colors and the composition.

LaY hOoN said...

This is such a wonderful pages !!
All the items that you choose for your journal page carry so much memory in you for future.