Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hannah Arrived Early Morning

I sketched this little fairey last night. Getting the feel of the tools you use and
what they can do is hard. But my friend Fanny says she loves to sketch watching
tv. So that's what I did last night. You can see all the pencil strokes and where I
shaded. But I will keep on trying.
Outside my window I can hear the wonderful sound of rain. Yes we needed the
rain but if it continues as dry as the ground is we could see trees uprooted and
flooding. Hannh has arrived.
Yesterday I mentioned we were taking our doggie to the vet. Well she says he
needs the knee surgery at the tune of betw. 1900 and 2300. Ouch!! But my
hubby feels we shouldn't wait to have it done. His quality of life matters. We
are looking at scheduling it for next Wednesday. In just the short period of time my dog was back with the vet he was so stressed. When they brought him out to us it was as if he had had a bath. The drool was so bad his chin, chest and legs were covered. I never seen anything like it. Even his eyes were red like he had been crying. I can handle him having the surgery, what I can't handle is the stress he will be under even before surgery. I wonder if they will allow me to stay with him until they sedate him? Hubby's going to ask. He'll be under two hours and not come home until the next day. Oh boy, that will be tough for all of us. My hubby is a marshmallow like me when it comes to our pets. So as silly as it sounds we would appreciate prayer.
And asking for prayer leads me to my oldest son. His company has given him two weeks. They have found people that want to work for less pay and longer hours, on call and weekends. What is God doing? I don't know but He is the director of all our paths if we will just yield to Him.

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Fannie said...

Pretty sketch, Dove! Love the shadows and colors. Keep sketching. You're doing great!

Sorry about Bear. Hope he feels better soon.

Thanks for sharing the updates with your family. All will work out. Sending hugs and prayers.