Friday, September 05, 2008

Doggie Vet Day

Well my dogs knee is not getting any better. He is compensating more and more, a three legged dog, hum.. So when hubby gets off from work we head down to a specialized vet to have x-rays and other work done. I don't really want to look at surgery for him, he's only going to be 6 next month. But what's a girl to do?? He still follows me up the stairs and a baby gate doesn't even keep him down. I haven't been walking him though. So I may post more later. I am off all weekend from work. hurray!!!!

BUT looks like the weather is changing - Hanna must be moving. I haven't look at the weather channel yet. Hubby said "Button down the hatches." I guess I better go out in the yard and put things away that would blow away or become projectiles.

On a fun note I will be posting my memory dolls that Sherry is hostessing on FAT hopefully tomorrow. I am working on them now, actually I was, but wanted to blog and check out my favorite bloggers before heading back up stairs.


Sherry said...

Will keep doggie in prayers. I'm headed for SC beaches tomorrow with the granddaughters. Hoping Hannah will move on tonight and tomorrow morning.

Fannie said...

Thanks for taking the time to blog before getting lost in your art. ;-D

Sorry about your dog. Is this "Bear"?

I look forward to seeing your memory dolls. Sherry is one busy lady, and I'm sure she's a gracious hostess on FAT.

Have a great weekend! Hurray for time off from work. Enjoy!!!

morningDove said...

sherry have a great weekend. hubby decided to cancel our get-away to the beach bc of Hanna. bummer.
fannie i usually try to check you and sherry out daily. it is Bear.

The memory doll - i was just sitting outside hand stitching (wow that's a biggie) and the sky is growing darker. lots of memories flooding back while stitching. hope my doll is acceptable.

Fannie said...

Dove, your doll will be acceptable; it is acceptable; your work is always acceptable.

"When I learned to like me; I felt free to be me." --Fannie

Fly free, Dove! Take me with you . . . ;-D

Jacq said...

Sorry to hear about your pooch. Hopefully it is nothing serious and the vet will fix him up. I have been thinking about you and wondering if Hannah would effect you. Stay safe my friend.

morningDove said...

my dog - surgery to the tune around 2000. when did we decide to domesticate animals and make them our babies? i need reminding. why don't they have pet insurance? lol, jeepers most people can't get insurance.

and Fannie: like me, then i will be free. boy!!