Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Is A Prompt

pro -forth; emere - to take. I love old dictionary studies. They are so thorough.
Prompt - To Move or Inspire By Suggetion.
Here are two pages from a prompt called Permission Slip. You were to first press glass. I love this term for putting stuff on the copier and printing it. Anything from your office was to be copied and put on my journal page. I love the items I chose. I already have a great idea flowing through my head.
We gessoed the page, placed the torn pages on and then painted them with watered down acrylic paint. The pink page I love because I used a spray bottle with a little left over perfume in it. It still has the fragrance so when the paint shot out so did the whiff of scent.
Scratch-n-stiff page. lol More directions will follow on another day. This is great!!!
And who did Jesus leave behind to prompt us? He called him the "Comforter" or Holy Spirit. I love the nudgings I get from the Holy Spirit. So many times though the background noise shuts out His leading. I am trying to hear better.

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