Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Order in Studio

My oldest son is here to visit. Today he made me a built-in book case extra deep that fits perfect in the corner wall. Then he changed around my closet by building me eight shelves, raising my hanging bar to the ceiling and leaving me space in the middle.

Later today I plan on cleaning my room and putting all my stuff on shelves and getting the room in order. I just love what he did and so does my hubby. At one point hubby came in from playing golf, saw all my "stuff" in our bedroom and ask, "Do I need to pull the pickup truck to the front porch and take stuff to the dump?" Not hardly!! hopefully I will be a lot more productive in my work. Yes!!!


Sherry said...

Order is good! Since I moved my space all around and cleaned it out, I've been very careful to clean after every project. Just have a hard time finding things now, even with labeled drawers. ;)

Mary S Hunt said...

amazing the insentivities of our the dump
awesome son!!!!
i LOVE shelves
at one time i thought i had soooo many shelves i would stay organized forever...ahem
if there is any other place he might can put you some more... :)
you are going to feel so fresh in the newly 'organized'space

Sue said...

Oooh. I'll bet it feels so good to be organized. Just think how the creative juices will flow now!