Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This I have to say was actually fun, fun, fun. I followed the teachers prompt in creating this page from one clipped out magazine picture that captured my imagination. Wow!
I didn't think it would come to me so easily. But I love tojournal. What do you think of my journal page?

I freely stroked yellow Caran d'arche paint onto the white journal page. Then I used a paint brush to flick three different colors around on the page. The flicks reminded me of the pinheads shape. So that was cool but not my intent when I started. lol. Then I glued on my magazine pic. Drew the blue pinheads out from the head. Wrote the letters "pinhead" on
each of the blue pinheads. I continued to draw lines out using my calligraphy pens and gel pens.

I found some really cool dots at Target for $1.99. That is what the pink dots are around the page. I even sprinkled a few on the pinheads coming out of her head. I wrote the phrases:
"I might be a pinhead But I'm not sure", "dress smart", "What's the question", "stay fit", and "think fun".


needlewings said...

Love your pinhead! Too cool!

Sherry said...

Dove, this is GREAT! Don't you just love it when ideas come so freely? I just love this one!