Thursday, September 04, 2008

Green With Envy

I call this "Green With Envy". I used chalks on this. The whole process was done to see if I could totally wipe out something I didn't like. Well, the answer I believe is no. I just criss-crossed over it with green wax crayon. Even though it is terrible I think I need to keep it to remind myself when I improve.

I've been asking God lately what things effect our relationship - whether it be attitudes, blatant sins or something I am totally blind to - I need to look at this objectively.

The dictionary says envy is a feeling of discontent and ill will because of another's advantages, possessions, etc. 2. desire for something belonging to another. Whoa boy! It just hit me, if that definition is true, the thing you desire doesn't have to be a material thing. Can that desire be for a characteristic you see in someone and are wanting in yourself? I really desire to be able to finish more projects. I didn't get my angel quilt finished. They are all being shown at guild on this Saturday. I didn't think too much about the feelings of the other person that initiated my quilt; just that it was too much on one quilt. With the idea in mind that we could do what we wanted once we got them back, I began to pull off things and give mine an entirely different look. Ignorance is not bliss - at least not for me.


Fannie said...

Since you were allowed to do what you want when you got the quilt back, I think you were within the rules to do as you have done.

I believe admiration is a cousin to Envy. I admire many people for different reasons, mostly for their positive characteristics, and I try to emulate them. I think this is one way of improving.

Somehow I don't see you as behaving with "envy" in any way. It's just not in your nature. :-D

Thanks for sharing your process. Let's make lemonade. Yummmm.

morningDove said...

thank you fannie for giving me an objective opinion. I love the cousin admiration. I think I will go there more often.
And I would love to have a glass of lemonade with you.

DeBee said...

On the difference between admiration and envy... Envy is what my younger dog, Pepper, has. Any time someone wants to pet our older dog, Buddy, Pepper MUST get between the person and Buddy. He forces Buddy out and wants all the attention focused on him. That is envy - to focus on yourself to the exclusion of and detriment of the other. It is good to evaluate one's motives, but I agree with Fannie that it envy just doesn't fit your nature. :-) You are nothing like my Pepper dog!