Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healing the Heart

Born To Bring Healing
My soul journal for this week is a tribute to my middle son. From
the day he was born he is always smiling and loves life. You can
feel his energy and love for life. I remember when he was born
grabbing onto the blankie they were trying to wrap him in and not
letting go of it. It was an amazing thing to experience. His hold on
life is mesmerizing to many people. But I believe it is not that he
has a hold as much as he holds on to nothing, but enjoys it to the
fullest. 22 short years has produced a community volunteer,
skydiver, jester, diver, motorcycle rider, tree climber, firefighter,
police officer, and husband. His laughter is contagious.

I started with the puppy in purple leaves I ripped out of a magazine. Then I built around it with my son's pics I've taken throughout his life. I wrote the words "Born To Bring Healing" using Tulip acrylic paints. This was so much fun and definitely not the original direction I was going for the healing journal page. But I am glad I worked through the process ending with my son.
Its kind of a funny in that the fact is my doggie is healing from a knee surgery. My son comes over and wants to break all the rules with him bc he is "sick" and needs attention. lol

Prayers That Heal the Heart

My friend and natureopathic loaned me Mark Virkler's teaching on "Prayers that Heal the Heart - Prayer counseling that breaks every yoke." Oh boy, my hubby and I watched the first session. I must say I found myself tearing up and asking God's forgiveness on some things that have crept into my life - totally ungodly thinking. One thing he shares is this:
The Heart speaks using a language that is different from that of the mind. The mind uses reasoning without faith and revelation from the Holy Spirit.


Mary S Hunt said...

beautiful...everything in and about the post
a spiritual connection

KathrynAntyr said...

This is beautiful. You share a lot of your own heart in your work and comments. I'm so happy you've found Soul Journaling. You are a dear {soul sister}.

Jacq said...

This is a wonderful piece.