Thursday, September 11, 2008

Psalm 91

Today is my DIL's 21st birthday - 9/11. She is such a sweety. I had to go to our acct'ant 30 minutes away. While shopping for the birthday girl my hubby called with what could have been some distressing news. But I know God is in control. Our son was involved in a shoot out. He has been pulled until the investigation can be finished. Fortunately, no one was hurt as far as police officers. They did get the guy. But the victim has been hurt pretty badly.

My son is changed forever. Firing your weapon under pressure and when someone is shooting at you to kill you changes everything. But I know he has been trained. Still he's so young. I could see in talking to him his thoughts are running in different directions. His main thought - to protect his buddy who was out in the open. Thoughts after - a wife on her birthday. I went ahead an gave her a shopping card to go with her sister and shop at one of her favorite stores. She knows the man she married and the job they both do involves keeping a clear head.

Thank You GOD for protecting my son on this DAY OF REMEMBRANCE.


Fannie said...

So glad your son is safe, Dove. I imagine the fears of a mother. ;-(

Happy Birthday to DIL!

Sherry said...

Oh Dove, I'm so sorry to hear DS and DIL had to go through this. I'm sure he/they are mentally stressed. Will keep them in my prayers. Hand in there sweetie. This is only a test and we learn so much with each test God sends our way.