Friday, September 19, 2008

Florence and The Ole' Truck

i received the cutest tribute to a MIL by way of a memory doll today in my mail box. I will post a pic later if I can sneak away from my dog. He has to remain still and pretty much thinks I am to remain by his side indefinitely. He doesn't care if anybody else comes in but I better be there when he wakes up. He can smell me when I leave or move an inch away. He's so funny. But like potty training a child - he won't go to the bathroom outside when I take him. Seems that has been relegated to my hubby. lol

My middle son cleaned out the truck my oldest drives. We have had it for repairs. My oldest tends to be a slob in that department. My middle son took the seat covers off, threw them away, replaced the mats and center console storage too. Then he cleaned it out entirely and washed and waxed the ole' truck. He is an amazing young man. Then he suited up to leave for work.

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Barbara said...

I remember my dog ...and it was the same....Kisses barbara