Friday, September 12, 2008


Now I will share this. Last week I felt a nudge to begin to fast. I had gone one week without food - just juicing and water. I know God called me to it but didn't know why. NOW I believe I know why. First oldest received the two week notice about work and then this shoot out my son was involved in. God is so faithful no matter what it looks like.

My hubby was able to go over and talk with our son about his relationship with God and how when he was a little boy he always prayed. I remember once when my youngest fell from a tree fort and this son knelt down by him and prayed the simplest, sweetest prayer for his brother to wake up and be ok. Compassion. I am so glad my son did not shoot this guy. Not that I would have wanted any one to be hurt that the nut was firing on either. But I believe that would have changed everything again. The day may come when my son has to take a life but I truly pray it never does. All of this stuff took place along the power lines near our home. Our son was able to respond so quickly bc of where he lives. Amazing isn't it.

I had never been fearful for my hubby when he worked law enforcement and I feel the same way with my son. When my hubby called me to tell me he had been involved in a shooting I never felt any fear. I know that is something God has placed in me. I have not cried about it but my heart did go out to my DIL on her special birthday. That actually concerns me more. BUT her family and ours are first responders, I guess you know they will be there. Her sister, BIL and her dad participated in the Freedom Walk on Duke of Gloucester for the 9/11 remembrance yesterday. I was saddened to watch what little tv I did to hear all the stories of missing loved ones from 9/11. You never know how you will respond until you are in the midst of something.

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Sue said...

Hi Dove, I'm still will take me awhile to catch up with all your posts; I just scanned the latest. Hugs and prayers for all members of your family.