Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FAT Memory Doll Aunties

Here is the other side of my memory doll - my aunties. The small pic
at the top represents a faded memory. Lightly printed behind the words
"LOVE" is the faces of my two aunts. They are sisters. Look real hard
and you may see them. One aunt loved growing flowers. People actually
came for miles and miles after church on Sunday to see her yard full of
beautiful flowers. She seemed to always have something blooming. But
of course I did not get that green thumb, or if I did it has not developed. lol.
Truly her gardens were a thing to behold. The flox ran all along the bank in bright profusion. So I placed a flower over her heart and added a charm that says "dream". I thought the little Artzgirlzs arms/hands charms would be a cute addition. I may add buttons before this little doll is finished.
My aunt on the left side was what one would refer to an an "ole' maid". She never married. When she was younger she was burned really bad on one side of her arm. Underneath was melted to her side and she had been burned along side her neck too. She was reared in the "all hell, fire and brimstone" era. If you did anything more than breathe you were probably sinning.
She seemed to have a connection to the entire town on gossip. That's why I hate gossip so much. When I see my lady neighbors out an about I make sure I don't get into a gossip session about another neighbor. I think they believe me to be snooty because I don't talk that much.
My other aunt was the youngest of all the children. These were my mother's sisters.
Well there you have another memory in the life of me. Thanks for the memories Sherry.


Jacq said...

I love your dolls, they look like they would be fun to make. Are you using a stiffner inside?

morningDove said...

I did use some kind of stiffner fabric on both sides and lightly stuffed.

Fannie said...

Love your dolls too. Thanks for sharing the stories behind the piece. Nice.