Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michelle's TW on FAT

Michelle posted a TW using brown lunch sack, acrylic paints
and pvc glue watered down with water. I used lumiere
metallics and added Tulip white with a pattern. Great backgrounds
technique. You're suppose to iron the front and back of it but I
didn't do that yet. Eventually!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Colonial Dress Triptych

I've finished my triptych in time for the trade. When you open it the skirt sides are the Native American regalia and early Colonial
Jamestown/Williamsburg dress. The center is needle felting. I
added a pearl necklace and the triptych has lace sleeves.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healing the Heart

Born To Bring Healing
My soul journal for this week is a tribute to my middle son. From
the day he was born he is always smiling and loves life. You can
feel his energy and love for life. I remember when he was born
grabbing onto the blankie they were trying to wrap him in and not
letting go of it. It was an amazing thing to experience. His hold on
life is mesmerizing to many people. But I believe it is not that he
has a hold as much as he holds on to nothing, but enjoys it to the
fullest. 22 short years has produced a community volunteer,
skydiver, jester, diver, motorcycle rider, tree climber, firefighter,
police officer, and husband. His laughter is contagious.

I started with the puppy in purple leaves I ripped out of a magazine. Then I built around it with my son's pics I've taken throughout his life. I wrote the words "Born To Bring Healing" using Tulip acrylic paints. This was so much fun and definitely not the original direction I was going for the healing journal page. But I am glad I worked through the process ending with my son.
Its kind of a funny in that the fact is my doggie is healing from a knee surgery. My son comes over and wants to break all the rules with him bc he is "sick" and needs attention. lol

Prayers That Heal the Heart

My friend and natureopathic loaned me Mark Virkler's teaching on "Prayers that Heal the Heart - Prayer counseling that breaks every yoke." Oh boy, my hubby and I watched the first session. I must say I found myself tearing up and asking God's forgiveness on some things that have crept into my life - totally ungodly thinking. One thing he shares is this:
The Heart speaks using a language that is different from that of the mind. The mind uses reasoning without faith and revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Birth Of A Seed

Last night while working I was terribly bored. The weather was horrible
and there were not many people in the park. What it did allow me to do
was doodle a soul journal page. I don't know why but what comes to mind
in this is a fallopian tube. I call the page "Birth of a Seed". It's harvest
time - Fall - but time to be thinking of planting for the next season.
What are you birthing in your life right now? Are you sowing into good,
fertile ground?

Friday, September 26, 2008

World Alzheimer's Day

was last Sunday Sept. 21. And Cammie had a huge blog give away on her site.

Here is my simple card I am sending to a care giver at Artman Home in Ambler Pennsylvania in honor of her grandmother. Its opportunites like this that make all the difference in the world to serve in a small way to make a difference in
someone else's life. Thanks Cammie for the opportunity to serve.

Gift of the Red Bird

Yesterday I stopped by my library and picked up several different books that caught my eye to read. One is called Gift of the Red Bird by Paula D'Arcy. In the midst of her grief in losing a husband and daughter in a car accident with a drunk driver she finds a deeper relationship with God. She was also pregnant at the time with another daughter. In her giving birth she says she now realizes her daughter is a gift. My youngest son's name means "Gift from God". And he is definitely that. She also states, "She (her new baby) is a gift, mine to hold but not possess. Makes all the difference. You treat a gift differently than you do a possession."

I wonder in the exhausted state I seem to be in what am I claiming as a possession? Who have I crossed over with from a gift to a possession. Oh I have "stuff" for my art work but does it possess me or do I still look at it all as a gift from God to use for His glory and to express His love?

Deep within me I am searching for that deeper love of God. To know Him, To breathe Him, to live solely for Him - no matter what else is happening around me. Have I given Him my all? I know from where He has brought me - out of the mirey clay and definitely set my feet on solid ground. But have I grown indifferent, am I taking advantage of this position and neglecting my relationship with Him? I know the answer is "yes" to these questions and I need to quiet myself before Him.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Psalms 91

I had an appointment with my natureopathic today. She gave me a laminated card with this Psalms on it. The day my son was in the shoot out I had picked up a book written on Psalms 91. I need to go back and get that book and read it. She gave me a combination of herbs for stress.

I'm stalled again in my art work. My room is sitting half finished bc I pulled out stuff to redo it.

Its been pouring down rain here all day, which makes me want to do nothing but sleep.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Order in Studio

My oldest son is here to visit. Today he made me a built-in book case extra deep that fits perfect in the corner wall. Then he changed around my closet by building me eight shelves, raising my hanging bar to the ceiling and leaving me space in the middle.

Later today I plan on cleaning my room and putting all my stuff on shelves and getting the room in order. I just love what he did and so does my hubby. At one point hubby came in from playing golf, saw all my "stuff" in our bedroom and ask, "Do I need to pull the pickup truck to the front porch and take stuff to the dump?" Not hardly!! hopefully I will be a lot more productive in my work. Yes!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Colonial Dame Update

I worked on it a little more last night. She's not finished but
pretty close. I really like how the triptych is coming together.
I think I will make a collection of these for a project I am going
to need to finish before Christmas. Can you imagine the possibilities?!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Colonial Triptych

This is a triptych I am working on for a FAT trade.
Not sure I will make the deadline though. Its my version of a colonial dame.
The inside is felted with little rose buds on the dress.
The outside will be an orange silk with two of my fancy stitches running throughout the dress to create a pattern. I think I will also add one into the
IW RR AB I am working on for Linda. (IW RR AB) Inspirational
Women Round Robin Altered Book.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heart Exploration


HE breathed on me

I felt the spirit begin.

HE poured out Himself

And I found freedom.

HE created me to be;

HE made all the difference.

Now that's what I see.

HE art

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here She Is

As promised - here is the "Florence" memory doll.
Now I am going to layback down on my couch and
see if I can get a decent sleep. lol

I'll be back later.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Florence and The Ole' Truck

i received the cutest tribute to a MIL by way of a memory doll today in my mail box. I will post a pic later if I can sneak away from my dog. He has to remain still and pretty much thinks I am to remain by his side indefinitely. He doesn't care if anybody else comes in but I better be there when he wakes up. He can smell me when I leave or move an inch away. He's so funny. But like potty training a child - he won't go to the bathroom outside when I take him. Seems that has been relegated to my hubby. lol

My middle son cleaned out the truck my oldest drives. We have had it for repairs. My oldest tends to be a slob in that department. My middle son took the seat covers off, threw them away, replaced the mats and center console storage too. Then he cleaned it out entirely and washed and waxed the ole' truck. He is an amazing young man. Then he suited up to leave for work.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Is Fast Approaching

This evening was just gorgeous. The weather was perfect.
It called for rain, but no rain in sight. The sky was clear and blue.
I was able to get home from work by 8:15pm. My son watched our
dog until I could get back home. He is doing better, up and trying to
get around. But I am honestly exhausted. Eight weeks of doing nothing but going out on leash to the bathroom in our backyard. No walks!! :(
I just love the colors in this pic. I think I will try using the colors and
work on a journal page for Fall.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


How do you let your husband know how much you appreciate him? My hubby has always taken such good care of our family. He is very hard working and not used to going to so many doctors to visit. But its good he is getting a complete physical in the next week. He's in therapy for his lower back and I think its helping him.

The doggie surgery was expensive enough but then the repair on our truck was at 500.00 Boy I think of all the people struggling with life decisions on jobs. I was talking to a young man, my son's friend, and his line of business seems to be drying up. So he is looking at his options. He is such a hard worker. It seems like things are getting crazy but I know God has a plan. God's economy is not the world's. His is so much better. So I will keep trusting Him and looking to Him for help.

I slept on the floor beside my dog last night in the living room. The doc released him the same day of surgery because of his anxiety and stress being away from me. Honestly, they made the right decision and I am glad she was thinking what was best for my dog; not what was convenient for her. The hardest part for me - all that shaving up the leg and back end. I wasn't prepared for that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doggie Surgery

I've been awake since 3am. This is a day of dread. I don't want to take my dog for knee surgery. But hubby feels that is best. My youngest son and I will take him down. But bc he has separation anxiety to the point of drooling so much it looks like he has been given a bath, I have asked to wait with him until they sedate him for surgery. What a day!!

I'm sure glad God knows all and sees all. The owner of the sewing center where I shop sometimes has breast cancer and is also having surgery. They are asking patrons to stop by and make an embroidered block for her. But since I live over an hour from there I will make her a fabric card and send it up to add to her get well basket. Another godly woman I know lost her battle with cancer and passed away yesterday morning. She lives in Tennessee. Her hubby also had cancer, a different type, but is in remission. I ponder this all today in this early morning hour. We must all pass on, will we each accomplish what we have been sent here to do?!
Touching lives, making a difference for the good of others.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lost & Found - Journey 3

I had finished the base of this journal page last week waiting further
directions. Next step - Day 2 Make a border with my found objects;
ink, doodle, and add to the border.
What do these finds tell me about how I'm feeling today?
I just love the pressed glass objects that I chose from my job. I love
the colors I chose. They are colors I am working in more and more.
I enjoy the way they make me feel, fresh, alive and invigorated to create.

the purple magazine pages were left over cuttings. i don't throw anything away. i had left them on my cutting area. while shopping at Walmart I found the erasers and they reminded me of fimo clay. I sliced them into
pieces. the black binding was left over from another project, also laying
on my work table. Jeepers do I ever clean up anything. In due season.

The color pattern: purple and pink with a touch of black/white. I love it!!
I added the letters "M" and "E" at the bottom. I like typewriter looking letters. And I love flourishes. The arrow reminds me of a sargents patch in the army. It reminds me of one of three pics I have of my dad. It is him and a friend in their army uniforms. I'm really loving this soul journaling more and more.
i love not using capital letters when blogging and journaling. its kind of my way of rebelling against the status quo. and usually when i write my name its never capitalized? what does that tell you about me?
Oh yes!! i love the word "ME" in the Bible. usually when referenced it is talking about Jesus.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Witch-e Woman

I am taking a collage layering workshop. This is so hard for me.
I started with modge podge and layered purple and black tissue paper. A little stamping, gesso, and acrylic paint. When I put the circles on there were actually three. But I turned the canvas upside down and the circles reminded me of the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz riding her bike when Dorothy was up in the tornado. From there as they say the rest was down hill. A little pun there. I liked the large purple witch but I shaded her down to blend in more with the moom effect. I then placed another smaller purple witch at the bottom right. I want to put the words "I'll get you my pretty" somewhere on the collage. And I still need to work it more but I'm stuck in what to do. I think I need to highlight the small witch too.

This has really been fun especially putting on stuff with my fingers. I love the feel of glue and paints on my fingers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spiraling Journal

Here is a journal I won on Tracy Border's blog give-away.
Its my favorite color - orange. Don't you just love the texture!!
I love how she created this journal and all the details on it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Now I will share this. Last week I felt a nudge to begin to fast. I had gone one week without food - just juicing and water. I know God called me to it but didn't know why. NOW I believe I know why. First oldest received the two week notice about work and then this shoot out my son was involved in. God is so faithful no matter what it looks like.

My hubby was able to go over and talk with our son about his relationship with God and how when he was a little boy he always prayed. I remember once when my youngest fell from a tree fort and this son knelt down by him and prayed the simplest, sweetest prayer for his brother to wake up and be ok. Compassion. I am so glad my son did not shoot this guy. Not that I would have wanted any one to be hurt that the nut was firing on either. But I believe that would have changed everything again. The day may come when my son has to take a life but I truly pray it never does. All of this stuff took place along the power lines near our home. Our son was able to respond so quickly bc of where he lives. Amazing isn't it.

I had never been fearful for my hubby when he worked law enforcement and I feel the same way with my son. When my hubby called me to tell me he had been involved in a shooting I never felt any fear. I know that is something God has placed in me. I have not cried about it but my heart did go out to my DIL on her special birthday. That actually concerns me more. BUT her family and ours are first responders, I guess you know they will be there. Her sister, BIL and her dad participated in the Freedom Walk on Duke of Gloucester for the 9/11 remembrance yesterday. I was saddened to watch what little tv I did to hear all the stories of missing loved ones from 9/11. You never know how you will respond until you are in the midst of something.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Psalm 91

Today is my DIL's 21st birthday - 9/11. She is such a sweety. I had to go to our acct'ant 30 minutes away. While shopping for the birthday girl my hubby called with what could have been some distressing news. But I know God is in control. Our son was involved in a shoot out. He has been pulled until the investigation can be finished. Fortunately, no one was hurt as far as police officers. They did get the guy. But the victim has been hurt pretty badly.

My son is changed forever. Firing your weapon under pressure and when someone is shooting at you to kill you changes everything. But I know he has been trained. Still he's so young. I could see in talking to him his thoughts are running in different directions. His main thought - to protect his buddy who was out in the open. Thoughts after - a wife on her birthday. I went ahead an gave her a shopping card to go with her sister and shop at one of her favorite stores. She knows the man she married and the job they both do involves keeping a clear head.

Thank You GOD for protecting my son on this DAY OF REMEMBRANCE.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Is A Prompt

pro -forth; emere - to take. I love old dictionary studies. They are so thorough.
Prompt - To Move or Inspire By Suggetion.
Here are two pages from a prompt called Permission Slip. You were to first press glass. I love this term for putting stuff on the copier and printing it. Anything from your office was to be copied and put on my journal page. I love the items I chose. I already have a great idea flowing through my head.
We gessoed the page, placed the torn pages on and then painted them with watered down acrylic paint. The pink page I love because I used a spray bottle with a little left over perfume in it. It still has the fragrance so when the paint shot out so did the whiff of scent.
Scratch-n-stiff page. lol More directions will follow on another day. This is great!!!
And who did Jesus leave behind to prompt us? He called him the "Comforter" or Holy Spirit. I love the nudgings I get from the Holy Spirit. So many times though the background noise shuts out His leading. I am trying to hear better.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FAT Memory Doll Aunties

Here is the other side of my memory doll - my aunties. The small pic
at the top represents a faded memory. Lightly printed behind the words
"LOVE" is the faces of my two aunts. They are sisters. Look real hard
and you may see them. One aunt loved growing flowers. People actually
came for miles and miles after church on Sunday to see her yard full of
beautiful flowers. She seemed to always have something blooming. But
of course I did not get that green thumb, or if I did it has not developed. lol.
Truly her gardens were a thing to behold. The flox ran all along the bank in bright profusion. So I placed a flower over her heart and added a charm that says "dream". I thought the little Artzgirlzs arms/hands charms would be a cute addition. I may add buttons before this little doll is finished.
My aunt on the left side was what one would refer to an an "ole' maid". She never married. When she was younger she was burned really bad on one side of her arm. Underneath was melted to her side and she had been burned along side her neck too. She was reared in the "all hell, fire and brimstone" era. If you did anything more than breathe you were probably sinning.
She seemed to have a connection to the entire town on gossip. That's why I hate gossip so much. When I see my lady neighbors out an about I make sure I don't get into a gossip session about another neighbor. I think they believe me to be snooty because I don't talk that much.
My other aunt was the youngest of all the children. These were my mother's sisters.
Well there you have another memory in the life of me. Thanks for the memories Sherry.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Fat Memory Dolls - Granny

Here is my one memory doll so far. Wow did memories come flooding back in. Some good, some no-so-good. BUT all healing. This was great therapy. I am grateful to Sherry for hostessing this trade on FAT.

My memory doll is double sided. This side is my granny. I remember the
marble sidewalk leading up to their porch. "Don't you dare pluck one of
those out" was the scary words we would hear as we sat beside one of the marbles cemented into the sidewalk. The sporadic beads represent those marble memories.

Of course we thought we were sneaky enough to hide what we were doing. Funny thing, after my granny passed away I took my son to visit my aunt who lived there with her. He was fascinated by the marbles too but by this time they were worn and loosened enough for him to actually pluck one up. I'll never tell auntie he did that. She's in Heaven and knows all about it.

The fabric I chose is vintage feedsack my mother found when cleaning an elderly woman's home. She knew how much I loved fabric so in return for the cleaning mother ask for cloth and I became the recipient of some wonderful feedsack cloth. The pic is a one of my granny.

I meant to tell this the other day. When I was working the ticket booth I found out the day before our projected goal was low by $300.00 So I prayed, "Lord I desire my amount needed plus that amount." By the end of the night I was exactly to the penny above by that amount. How wonderful God is that He hears our every prayer. Thank you God!!
I was able to go down last night with my hubby to attend church and see my son during praise/worship. It was awesome. One amazing thing: favor of the Lord is on my hubby but he doesn't recognize it. The pastor came over at the end of service to introduce himself to my hubby. He didn't do that before my husband or after he met him. That was so amazing. Then he shared a few things with us that were very interesting too. More on that at a later date.
The facility has to hold four services on Sunday to accommodate everyone. Wow!
I only was able to hug and kiss my son before we left as they had one more service to do.
But it was great getting to worship with him and seeing what God is doing for him.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hannah, banana, faufana

She was just pretty much fluff - well - actually a good dose of rain. Some people were without power in the Gloucester and Norfolk area. Some down trees but our area was pretty much untouched. Thank God.

I am reading the book of Revelation in the Bible. It says to those who read the revelation out loud there is a blessing. um, i've heard that before. I found myself when working at the minie golf reading scripture out loud to myself and sending it out into the air. I'll have to see what happens.

I am working on my journal book - actually playing. And I am trying to finish one memory doll for FAT trade. I hope to pull out my beads and do some beadwork. Can you belive that!! I would like to go over to my neighbor and ask him if I could borrow some of his wife's stamps or a piece of shirting to do a memory doll for their granddaughter. I'm a fraddy cat; no not really its so hard for me to talk to someone sometimes about the loss of a loved one.
Well right now he has company so I will see about that later in the week.

All have a great day of rest and enjoy the beautiful weather. Of course, I know Ike is out there somewhere. Stay safe and be smart. I'm going down to the beach to visit my son at church tonight. Hurray!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Charmed Life-Giveaway

A Charmed Life is having a great give-away. Go check it out. The tote has a stash full of great things. I need some vintage ephemera. How about you? I don't even know where to begin to look for something like that! Hum, let me put my thinking cap on. When I google I get so confused with all the sites. Just too many. Does anybody have any good sites to suggest.

And Sharon lists a new batch of bloggers she recommends checking out; here's one I liked.

Hannah Arrived Early Morning

I sketched this little fairey last night. Getting the feel of the tools you use and
what they can do is hard. But my friend Fanny says she loves to sketch watching
tv. So that's what I did last night. You can see all the pencil strokes and where I
shaded. But I will keep on trying.
Outside my window I can hear the wonderful sound of rain. Yes we needed the
rain but if it continues as dry as the ground is we could see trees uprooted and
flooding. Hannh has arrived.
Yesterday I mentioned we were taking our doggie to the vet. Well she says he
needs the knee surgery at the tune of betw. 1900 and 2300. Ouch!! But my
hubby feels we shouldn't wait to have it done. His quality of life matters. We
are looking at scheduling it for next Wednesday. In just the short period of time my dog was back with the vet he was so stressed. When they brought him out to us it was as if he had had a bath. The drool was so bad his chin, chest and legs were covered. I never seen anything like it. Even his eyes were red like he had been crying. I can handle him having the surgery, what I can't handle is the stress he will be under even before surgery. I wonder if they will allow me to stay with him until they sedate him? Hubby's going to ask. He'll be under two hours and not come home until the next day. Oh boy, that will be tough for all of us. My hubby is a marshmallow like me when it comes to our pets. So as silly as it sounds we would appreciate prayer.
And asking for prayer leads me to my oldest son. His company has given him two weeks. They have found people that want to work for less pay and longer hours, on call and weekends. What is God doing? I don't know but He is the director of all our paths if we will just yield to Him.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Doggie Vet Day

Well my dogs knee is not getting any better. He is compensating more and more, a three legged dog, hum.. So when hubby gets off from work we head down to a specialized vet to have x-rays and other work done. I don't really want to look at surgery for him, he's only going to be 6 next month. But what's a girl to do?? He still follows me up the stairs and a baby gate doesn't even keep him down. I haven't been walking him though. So I may post more later. I am off all weekend from work. hurray!!!!

BUT looks like the weather is changing - Hanna must be moving. I haven't look at the weather channel yet. Hubby said "Button down the hatches." I guess I better go out in the yard and put things away that would blow away or become projectiles.

On a fun note I will be posting my memory dolls that Sherry is hostessing on FAT hopefully tomorrow. I am working on them now, actually I was, but wanted to blog and check out my favorite bloggers before heading back up stairs.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Green With Envy

I call this "Green With Envy". I used chalks on this. The whole process was done to see if I could totally wipe out something I didn't like. Well, the answer I believe is no. I just criss-crossed over it with green wax crayon. Even though it is terrible I think I need to keep it to remind myself when I improve.

I've been asking God lately what things effect our relationship - whether it be attitudes, blatant sins or something I am totally blind to - I need to look at this objectively.

The dictionary says envy is a feeling of discontent and ill will because of another's advantages, possessions, etc. 2. desire for something belonging to another. Whoa boy! It just hit me, if that definition is true, the thing you desire doesn't have to be a material thing. Can that desire be for a characteristic you see in someone and are wanting in yourself? I really desire to be able to finish more projects. I didn't get my angel quilt finished. They are all being shown at guild on this Saturday. I didn't think too much about the feelings of the other person that initiated my quilt; just that it was too much on one quilt. With the idea in mind that we could do what we wanted once we got them back, I began to pull off things and give mine an entirely different look. Ignorance is not bliss - at least not for me.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This I have to say was actually fun, fun, fun. I followed the teachers prompt in creating this page from one clipped out magazine picture that captured my imagination. Wow!
I didn't think it would come to me so easily. But I love tojournal. What do you think of my journal page?

I freely stroked yellow Caran d'arche paint onto the white journal page. Then I used a paint brush to flick three different colors around on the page. The flicks reminded me of the pinheads shape. So that was cool but not my intent when I started. lol. Then I glued on my magazine pic. Drew the blue pinheads out from the head. Wrote the letters "pinhead" on
each of the blue pinheads. I continued to draw lines out using my calligraphy pens and gel pens.

I found some really cool dots at Target for $1.99. That is what the pink dots are around the page. I even sprinkled a few on the pinheads coming out of her head. I wrote the phrases:
"I might be a pinhead But I'm not sure", "dress smart", "What's the question", "stay fit", and "think fun".

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Sound of Muse-ic

Here is another altered page from IW AB. This is Fanny Crosby
Even though she was blind she never looked at it as an obstacle.

The Sound of Muse-ic will be mailed tomorrow to the first artist
in Florida. Christy's work is amazing and I can't imagine what
she will put in my book. I listened on PBS about another African
American female musician/composer who lived during the 1920's.
She seemed to be a ground breaker too. Unfortunately, she stored
all her works and while out of the country they were stolen. Only
two songs and music remained. Her name was Nora Douglas Holt.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day Clean Out

I watched my oldest son on streamline live tv from the internet before I went to work yesterday. Why didn't I think of that earlier? I did get to see him with the praise/worship team sing two songs. I was so proud of him, of course, I cried. So before I left for work I text messaged him I was getting to see him and be there in a way too.

On a sad note, during the last 15 minutes of the drive to the beach my hubby was stuck in traffic. They arrived late, had lost the reserved seats by our son, and had to sit in the very back. They missed all but one song during praise/worship. Now how did that happen!! I told hubby to leave and allow for traffic jams but you know men. Sometimes they can be stubborn. He was so disappointed in himself. At the very end he saw our son only briefly and then returned back home.

Everything happens for a reason but I sure can't understand this one. Just 15 minutes would have made the difference. It made me think and ask this question:

What things am I procrastinating on that only minutes a day would/could make a big difference?
One thing I will attempt today - to clean out my closet. I read about a process of decluttering. Grab some post-it notes and on every piece of clothing number them 1-10. The #1 being most love and wear all the time with 10 being never wear - taking up space. Then after numbering them get rid of everything with #numbers 4-10. Only keep clothing numbered 1 - 3. Don't think about it, just number each piece. Its the same rational of my friend who shops by quickly going through a rack of clothes pulling anything she thinks she might like, trying them on and going from there. I tried that once with her - we had a cart full of clothing. But the neat thing was - it only took a small amount of time to weed out and find what I really wanted to buy.
I didn't waste time going back and forth from the dressing room looking for clothing.
I'm back - one hour and 20 minutes later. I thought for a ha!ha! I would
post the pic of some empty hangers. That wasn't as bad as I thought. Reason being - I'm in the mood to declutter. I didn't even bother with post-it notes. I tried on a few things and the rest was easy, let go. You should try this - it was so freeing!!!! All my wire hangers didn't show up in the pic - never the matter - the clothing is going. I'm packing it in my car and delivering them to a thrift store this morning. Why not follow all the way through and totally get rid of it NOW!!! If not I could be rummaging back through that stuff and pulling something out.
When I get to the books I'll let you know how I'm doing! But like they say if I haven't looked at them in over a year - will I ever again. Probably not. So let someone else enjoy them.