Sunday, May 18, 2008


Our court house is right across from the "New Town" area.

Here is a question for you?

In our area they built a little "town" within our town with shops, office buildings,townhouses, movie theatre, and book store. Now the city is building one too. Police officers are paid extra and assigned to this area on weekends bc of young kids running wild and getting into trouble.
In talking with my son, he ask me what I thought the average age group was that was being unattended by parents and allowed to act like this.

What would your guess be?

maybe the same as mine and my hubby's "13"? You might be shocked to know that the average age is "9". Parents are dropping their children off and many leaving them until curfew. They are left unattended to run wild like a pack of wolves to do whatever they please, talk however they please, to whomever they please.

The older people and I mean 20's and up are not able to go to the movie without rowdies throwing popcorn and other stuff, being disruptive in their loudness, etc. The bookstore alone has a police officer assigned to it bc of so much theft. Probably most of that are dares in stealing.

The younger children have no regard for others; don't seem to care if they run over others when running in their packs or while walking in the stores or around the town. They are just rude!

Where are the parents?

The movie attendant said many will walk up with $50 bill or a $100 dollar bill purchase a ticket, so they have the stub but never attend the movie.

Where are the parents?

There is an entire generation of parents who don't care what their children are doing as long as they are not bothering them. And then there is another parental mindset that doesn't want to disappoint or to say no, so they give the child anything they want, when they want it, without any restraints.

It makes me sad to see this mindset. I can't imagine what this particular generation will be like as they grow up. Its more than the "me" attitude.

Do you ever go out after dark in your area? Do you know what is going on around where you live, in your town? Do you care? In our area you can do a "ride along" with a police officer. Maybe all our good citizens should do one just to see what is truly happening around them.

And on an even sadder note: when a police officer has to make a phone call to a parent for the most part the attitude of the parent is "Why are you harassing my child?" and then they are cursed out by the parent themselves.

In the Bible it talks about the world getting worse; that right will become wrong and wrong will be right. It says that lawlessness will abound. In the time since my hubby began his police career to now with my son, I have seen a major change and shift in attitudes toward respect for authority. Its gone past challenging authority to total disregard for any kind of authority. In our area they struggle to get people who can pass the requirements for police officer. One of those requirements being no use of drugs. Its amazing how many have experimented with drugs and disqualify themselves for many job opportunities today. One has to love protecting and serving their community to do this job bc it definitely is not about pay, respect or job security.

Oh the movie theatre being built in the city says they will not allow children under a certain age without an adult. If that comes about wonder how long it will take before some one threatens suit over discrimination. Its not all about the child as some of the bumper stickers say. Its about parents being parents. Its about saying no and taking children with them to places even when the child thinks its stupid, dumb and boring. Its about children earning, according to age appropriateness, the liberty to do certain things. Well that is my opinion. Enough ranting for today.


Sherry said...

Very well stated. I see the same thing every weekend at the shopping center/theater where my store is located. I'm so thankful that my children don't drop off their children like this.

Fannie said...

Hi, Dove. This was a powerful post and thought-provoking. Times have changed since the days we left the keys in the car and unlocked doors, hasn't it?

I care about what's going on in my city and neighborhood, but I really don't know what's going on as I rarely go out--thanks to online shopping. But whenever I do go out for dinner or to the movies, etc., I haven't encountered what you've written. Maybe I need to be more aware of my surroundings. Thanks for giving me things to think about . . . .

Margo said...

I was talking to my friend Bren tonight and we saying how the world has changed in 20 years...the church world included..He is coming soon! I enjoyed looking through your blog and reading your comments...thanks for your thoughts...Maine

Jacq said...

My daughter teaches 7th grade science. Not only are some the kids very rude but their parents are also that way. In the 12 years she has been teaching, things are very different. After being a CASA volunteer for a while, I think many kids are being raised by parents that are on drugs most of the time.

morningDove said...

Jacq I think it is sad but true about parents on drugs themselves.

Noel said...

It's sad but true that our surroundings have become like this.
Kids have no respect for adults nor adults for children.
Dove, what a powerful post!