Friday, May 02, 2008

National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. I was able to join in and watch the National event coming from Washington, DC on godtv. What I loved was the diversity of the people chosen to speak to the Nation and to pray for our nation.

On May 14th Israel will celebrate its 60th birthday as a Nation. During the next fourteen days Christians from all over the world will arrive in Jerusalem to celebrate with the Jewish people. Also The Call Israel will take place. My hubby and I took our boys to the first call, The Call,DC
which was the first call ever and since then they have chosen strategic places to continue The Call.

I would love to be in Israel to celebrate their nation's birthday. May God bless their nation and the US stand by Israel always.

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Sue said...

Had I known, I would have said a prayer in my own little fledgling way, but I suppose today's better than never. I asked one of my co-workers today if she had seen the movie Amazing Grace. She has, and she even has a copy which she will loan to me. I don't know when I will fit it in, but I'm going to try! She also said it was very good.