Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pink Everything Pink

I forgot to mention its been 10 days. yahoo, post those pics!!!

Mixed Media Surface Design Class - lesson 4

I have cleaned out my room again, this time scraps of paper and junk mail I thought I might use in my art. You can only keep so much until it becomes a nuisance. I have been working on my MMSD cling wrap card and vase. The vase turned out to be this beautiful pale pink. I just love it and I am not a pink person. I love how the napkin has pieces hanging out from the torn pieces. I have never used my quilting bar to do grids but there is a first for everything. I like the grid pattern. I have some words in white paint scattered throughout the sides of the vase. This is an unusual shape. I accidentally cut mine short, it s/b 13" tall but mine is 11". Oh well the technique and process didn't change. I even used pink lining.

And since I don't like to waste anything for my card corners I used the cut-offs from the vase. It doesn't look bad at all. I cut the circle out with the cutter I bought the other day. At least the thing will cut plain paper. It half-way cut the cling wrap fabric. So I can't complain.

Good Health

On to more important topics: hubby went to chiropractor today and the results on xray will be back on Friday. I believe one side of his hip is higher. Not sure what else. But no tumors or anything like that showing he said. He even took some kind of measurement with his legs/feet to see his stance. He is definitely compensating for the pain. I'm so glad his mind is relieved some bc I believe he thought is was a tumor or such.

I looked at the time and it is 1:11 am. So will close for now to get a little shut-eye.


Fannie said...

Hi, Dove. Good news about hubby.

Your projects from SueB's class is great, even though it's pink . . . ;-D Nice work. I don't think the difference in height in the vase made a difference. Clever use of the cut-offs.

Did you like working with the cling wrap?

morningDove said...

yes it is good news. now schedule therapy. i wish i could find the colored cling wrap. it might be thicker, i didn't particularly like working with it. but the project is "done".

Jacq said...

Nice to have pictures back. Your vase looks good. Pink is not my color either but now and then is pops up in my work. Pray that your husband continues on the road to feeling better.

Noel said...

Dove, that's wonderful news abut your hubby!!!
It's nice to see what you have been working on again and love the pink!
I'm enjoying the results of yours and Fannie's online classes....they are inspiring!