Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Here it is almost 1am and I just finished an awesome conversation with my oldest son who lives at the beach. He waited until after 12 to text me and be the first son to say "Happy Mother's Day". His words are precious to my soul. He talked about how precious it is to be around his family bc there was a day when he wanted to be anywhere else but with family. He thanked me for always being there, praying and loving him no matter what. He spoke of how he enjoys being with his dad and me by himself; or hanging out with his younger brother watching him play video games.

He shared the favor of the Lord on his life for being on the praise team at his church and playing guitar. He's learning that God does not forget His own but learning that God is faithful. His conversation was precious to me and a great early morning blessing and gift for Mother's Day. He didn't want me to think he had forgotten today. How precious - that is all I can say.

I cherish every moment I have like that. Today think on all the good things you have and don't focus on what seems not to be happening. God is so very faithful!!

I remember the day not so long ago when my son's little head peeked over the top of the pew when we were in church like the crown of this little guy. This was the little ring bearer's head in my son's wedding. He was so serious about being the ring bearer that he came early just to practice what he had to do. He adores my son and they have the same name.

Thanks for the remembrance!!

Youngest's Gift

And youngest surprised me this morning with a bouquet of red roses. He always finds the sweetest "word" cards. Fits him to a tee. Here are pics of the roses and my card. What a wonderful day so far! I just finished cooking hubby and youngest breakfast. Now my home smells of love and bacon. The sweetest fragrance in any home is love.

The NewlyWeds
DIL is working today but son came over to bring me their card. It is so sweet and very special too. It is embedded with wildflower seeds. So technically this card is not a keeper but a planter. I don't know if I can bear to part with this one as it is my first one from them together married. Can you read the note on the back entitled "Flowering Notes?"


Noel said...

Dove, your conversation with your oldest just after midnight touched my heart. It is a great belssing to have raised such precious men who remember their Mom not only today but from what I read....everyday!!!!!


Fannie said...

You're right. The sweetest is "Love."

Happy Mother's Day, Dove!

Jacq said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. It is a great feeling, to not only be mom's to our children, but to have them be out friends.