Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Windows & Doors

ART In Photography
We were encouraged to send in our window and door pics for a group. This pic from my Caribbean cruise was one selected to be made into a stamping sheet. In return I received some really cool stuff. I will take a picture of the gifts and put on my blog tomorrow.

It was on the island of Antigua.

Son's Pain
Well our son came up to go to the doctor and he feels like he wasted time and money. The doctor didn't check his neck, didn't even touch him but spent about 2 minutes in the room and just said he would suggest therapy in order to get an MRI. He gave him two meds which he didn't tell him what they were for. Then we had to run around to different pharmacies to get them filled. You could feel the frustration building. All of this to say it has also added more stress on my hubby.

I think as a parent one of the worse things is watching a child suffer and knowing you can't do anything to take away the pain. Ok, well the Word says "the testing of your faith produces perseverance." That's a tough one for me, but that's where the Lord seems to have me right now. What was James thinking when he penned that scripture?


Sherry said...

Dove, sorry to hear this. Those two minute, hands off, docs are something else. Your son and your family are in my prayers.

Fannie said...

I like your door pic. It's inspiring.

What?!? ??? Your doctor's experience is incredible! I hope you find proper treatment from someone who cares. Sending hugs . . . I understand your frustrations. Been there . . .

Jacq said...

I like your door. I find doors very interesting and love to take pictures of them. So sorry to hear about your son, keep persuing medical care until you and your son get some answers.