Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Goodie Bag & Altered Photos

Art -n- Soul prepared a wonderful little goodie bag for all their participants using the theme "By The Sea". Here are some of the things that were in their little pack. An ink stamp pad in chocolate, walnut ink, a pen, a fun beach ball and other good stuff. When I get a block I think I'll blow up my ball and have fun bouncing it around my room. That should get rid of the boredom and brain freeze. Oh yeah I got two cute little stamps, one a cat and the other a mouse.


Yesterday our class began with Sue Bleiweiss but I did not start. I must clean my room before I start anything else.
I also am doing a workshop using black and white photos and altering them. Here is my first one - a donkey from the Caribbean. He reminds me of Mr. Ed the talking horse. I added glasses and smoking a pipe on him.
You can see the original pic, then the donkey in black and white with inked background. And finally the finished altered pic. It was really a lot of fun.


Noel said...

Now that's a goodie bag! Looks like you had fun....please share more.
The altered photo project sounds interesting.


Sherry said...

Thanks for sharing Dove. I love to watch your experiments.

Fannie said...

What a terrific goodie bag! WOW!

I'm learning a lot from your experiments. Thanks for sharing, Dove.