Wednesday, May 28, 2008

God's Blessings

Yesterday I posted about "everything from here will speed up". What was very eerie for me was an email I received about the Middle-East and processes that are speeding up, and the fast track. I sure felt that was what I was hearing spoken about "speeding up." The Bible speaks of countries that bless Israel will be blessed. Well my opinion is the USA needs to be careful what we are trying to do in forcing Israel to split up its land. The Road Map to Peace and the Shelf Agreement don't sound like such a great idea to me. But then I don't know the pressure being put on behind the scenes or what else is at stake. BUT i do know what the Word Of God says and it never lies. So we need to be very careful.

There is this little pamphlet my naturopathic gave me titled "Daily Spirit Blessing - With the Blessings of Your Father and The Names Of God". Day 3 which I was reading yesterday was "I bless you with life-giving relationships". I know that all that read my blog are life-givers. And to you all I say, "God Bless Them Today In a Very Real Way - Answer a Deep Request of Their Hearts". and the Day 3 blessing In the Name of God was - "I bless you in the name of Jeohovah-Rophe, your healer". I also ask God in the name of Jehovah-Rophe to heal your deepest need - it may be spiritual, physical, emotional or mental. He is The Great Physician.

my art
I am working on the vase from MMSD class. I had fun yesterday with shredded junk mail paper and torn up bits of this and that, even fabrics shreds. Now to fix it to the felt and cut the shape of the vase out. Soon I will be able to post pics again. I want to thank Sue for posting her poppy on her blog for me. Such an act of kindness to me. That was very special and greatly appreciated.

I also did a button fairy bc FAT is having a trade but I don't feel mine is very good. So don't know if I will enter there. Maybe I should try making another one.


Jacq said...

It sounds like you have been very busy. Waiting for pictures.

Sue said...

What a thoughtful post...*you* are the blessing, Dove, and we are fortunate to be able to share your thoughts.