Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Everything I Need

That is so the desire of my heart - that Jesus would be everything I need. But that is not true yet. Flesh keeps getting in the way. Avalon sings that song "Everything I Need". Take a listen.
Oh that I could say that He is the air that I breathe, I know that He is more than a story, or a page in history. But to say He is everything to me, the water I thirst for. Oh make it so Jesus during this time that I seek to hear You better, follow You more and leave flesh behind to follow You. This is the true desire of my heart.

I love how our youth express their deepest longings, short and sweet, to the point.

it turns to grit in my mouth
nothing satisfies that longing
deep within my soul
i look to food but there's no taste
and what could i drink
to bring that joy i long for
jesus you are what i thirst for
that nth degree of love to know
You more.


Sue said...

Beautiful song, Dove; thanks for sharing. Gives me hope for the future.

Fannie said...

Inspirational . . .

Noel said...

Well said my friend!

Jacq said...

Good thoughts.