Saturday, May 31, 2008

God's In Charge

More Pink ATC's
Here are 4 more of the 6 series - "PINK" ATCs. I really enjoyed finding just the right combination for each one. I loved it so much I really tested the waters and made two pink faces from modeling clay. Now I am really excited!!.
My camera does not want to upload anything so these are scanned in with my computer and Lexmark All-n-One.
A Visit To The Beach
Last night we decided to visit our son at the beach. He is so tired and exhausted he didn't even want to go out an eat. But we encouraged him to go and get a decent meal. Before we left a migraine at started for him. Our concern is he is not eating right but more importantly he is not hydrating himself at all. The tap water is nasty, he says. And truly he doesn't have the extra money right now to buy water. So he doesn't drink anything.
I am praying that God would actually move him closer to his church and even with someone who would need a companion in the home. Right now his life is playing music on the praise team for his church. So he would be a great asset to an older person in their home, bc he would always be around. My hubby drove home last night with a grieving spirit after seeing our son.
Since finding the prayer teaching from Benny Hinn I have listened over and over to his teaching. Very straight forward with great scripture about praying and asking God for His will through our prayers.


Sherry said...

These are all very pretty. DS still in my prayers.

Fannie said...

Those ATCs are pink and pretty. Are those clay mold faces on them?

I hope your son gets to feeling well soon. I care.

Jacq said...

Sorry to hear about your son, I'm sure your visit was just what the doctor ordered. My thoughts and prayers will be with him.

morningDove said...

hello fannie: on the ATCs are cabochon, molds filled with utee.

appreciate all the prayers, sherry.
hope you are having time for yourself, know this week was busy with work.

Noel said...

Your pink atc's are oh so pink always makes a gal feel pretty...hehehe! I like your idea fo putting a face on them. Very inspiring....thanks for sharing!

My thougts and prayers are with your son!