Sunday, May 04, 2008

Celebrating Life

I forgot to mention 3 birthdays in a row, May2 my youngest son's girlfriend is 20, May3 oldest son's day and today May 4th MIL's birthday.

But today I celebrated my artistic side at Art and Soul. I took a wonderful lettering class with Lisa Engelbrecht. Lisa was featured in Quilting Arts Magazine Winter 2004, Issue Sixteen. I fell in love with her work then and last month I bought another magazine she was featured in. I saw her class at Art-n-Soul and felt compelled to sign up for the class especially since it was so close to home. What a great teacher!! She even signed my magazine. Her work was displayed on the walls right by me. You could just feel the artistry oozing out of each one and they were fantastic. I bought her dvd and in June she has a new book coming out. She will be teaching in Italy. We were allowed to see the book she will offer in the classes in Italy. Wish I could go. Wonder if her suitcase would have any room after packing all that scrumptious paints, dyes and supplies?

This is a door pic I took in the Caribbean and its a photo transfer onto fabric. The "dreams" saying is on vellum and glued on to the fabric. All the fabrics are color washed or walnut inked. In order to keep the walnut ink on I used a product called "No Flow."

The little boy pic was taken in Jamaica. He is a photo transfer to fabric also. Then while still wet I added yellow tissue paper to some areas. It looks distressed even more. It will lay on chocolate velvet and turquoise tissue paper.

And here is the entire piece I am working on. The base was walnut inked. This piece is comprised of fiber/yarn , threads, tissue paper, canvas, muslin and other fabrics. Its not finished but I have selected my "Shout, Speak and Whisper." Now to complete the layout.


Fannie said...

Happy Birthdays to the family members!

Wouldn't it be nice to go to Italy? Is "Shout, Speak and Whisper" the title of your piece?

morningDove said...

Hi Fannie: no that's not the name of the piece. She gave us this little phrase to make sure we have one of each on our quilt - shout-the main focal point, speak-says something and whisper-faint, subtle somethings added.

Sue said...

I love the blue and purple together.