Thursday, May 22, 2008

Women With A Cause

I have been working on my Mixed Media Surface Design box drawers. This is a little bit of work but I have not been at my sewing machine as much as I have the last two days for this project. It actually feels kind of nice to sit and sew. This little box is so cute.

Today has been a beautiful day outside. The birds have been flitting all around my yard and its so wonderful to watch God's creatures enjoying life. The sun has been out and for a short time my doggie and I sat enjoying the sunshine radiating down on us. There's a peace and yet a stirring in my heart - a lingering, a pondering, a solitude that needs to be met.

I realize I have lived a simple life. Today in the mail a little local magazine came and on the front of "Next Door Neighbors" was the title "Women Making A Difference". Three of last year's honorees were on the cover and I knew two of them. One has The Hat Trader an organization with hat, wigs, etc for women losing their hair from chemo therapy. She lost her hubby this year too. She is part of my quilt guild. Her organization came from her own bout with breast cancer.

The other I know is the founder of "H-E-A-R-T" Hope Exists After Rape Trauma foundation. She was my son's baby sitter and like another mother to my son. Her attacker invaded her home and forced her at knife point into woods behind her home. All this while her hubby (a police officer) slept upstairs. Through DNA her attacker was finally caught and brought to justice. She helped legislate a bill for DNA testing and how to store it once police depts take possession of it. They also made a movie about her.

Personally I would not want to experience these situations but I am thankful they saw the need to found the organizations and help others. My simple life may not be made into a movie, and I will probably never help legislate a bill but I know as a mother and wife and woman I have made a difference in this life. Simply by "Being."


Fannie said...

You have made a BIG difference in my life, and you did it more than just simply "being." Thanks, Dove!

Noel said...

Dove, I echo have touched my life in so many ways. You are always encouraging me and lifting my spirits!
I thank God for bringing you into my life and I thank you for being my friend!!