Thursday, May 01, 2008

Grandmother Angel Who Holds The Sunset

This is the WIP I am rushing to finish by Saturday morning. It doesn't look like much yet. This is not the background I am using. I chose a piece from the Lewis and Clark collection of fabric. My angel is a genealogist, loves the sunset, roses and orchids and visiting Hawaii or Epcot in Florida. She is a teacher at the local college. So far I have her perched on a large yellow, red rose holding the sunset. The title will be Grandmother Angel Who Holds the Sunset. I'm waiting for the background fabric to dry. And while I am waiting I will create more roses and maybe some ribbon will flow from all around the roses. Details, details that's what I need to work on. Any suggestions on how to outline the sunset and emphasize it more.

An interesting phone call yesterday.

My sister called me to ask if I could get a Richmond paper. Her son who graduates in June went to Richmond to sign up to join the Army. When he was being sworn in they called him Chris. He told them that's not my name, they said are you sure that's what we have. Then they realized there were two with the same unusual last name. They ask my nephew if he had a relative signing up too. He said no, the person couldn't be related. They replied well he probably is related bc your name is very unusual. My nephew met the other young boy and sure enough it is his cousin. My sis and hubby were divorced long ago and my nephew never met the other extended family except when he was a toddler.

This group of boys were in the 8000's sign up so a 3star General swore them in and a big article is to be in the paper. What are the odds of a cousins, who don't know each other, signing up on the same day? The recruiter said they had siblings, and hubby/wife sign ups but never cousins and esp. when they didn't know each other. God is interesting.

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Sue said...

What a story about your nephew...scary time to be joining the service. I will keep him in my prayers. I wonder if the cousins will go through training together?