Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wait Loss

Yesterday I bought a fiskar circle cutter. I don't believe its worth the $20.00 they charge. I tried cutting a circle out of fabric. Of course I could be using it wrong. Directions say to hold down the button that puts pressure on the fabric to hold it in place. With the other hand turn the circle cutter. The fabric bunches up as you turn it to cut. I believe if I backed it with freezer paper or it was stiff the cutter would work. But they don't advertise that is the only way it should cut. Well this would be a good product for our consumer update person in our quilt guild to share. Maybe someone in there has experience using the thing. I really hate new gadgets unless someone is demonstrating it for me. I know, I know I am so visual.

i have been working on painting pieces of fabric. One I had fun with and wrote the words "city slicker" in white after painting the fabric with bright circles. Another I did last night was practicing sunset backgrounds. I realized there is so much in making your background. It can add texture, color, and set the tone for what you place on top to make the focus. I'm not happy plopping something down on top of fabric and calling it done. I'm working on collages.

You know I realize our lives are like that too. Our background is everything in the past, it helps to shape us and make us who we are today. We can choose to let go and leave all the stuff behind or we can put a heavy load on our back and carry it around every day. Personally I am working on lightening the load. My backpack was kind of getting pretty heavy.

The weight of yesterday has been released to give me more energy for today.
It reminds me of Sue and her goals she has set.
Are you setting your pace and working on your wait-loss?
"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart."
Psalm 27:14


Fannie said...

Yep, weight loss is a daily activity with me--literally and philosophically.

I've found that I'm able to let go of the past easier when I acknowledge what happened, allow myself to experience the emotions tied to it, and either write my feelings in my journal or talk to someone "safe." When I can see the value of the experience, which includes life-changing lessons, I know I'm pretty much over it. Usually when that process is complete, the baggage disappears on its own--like magic.

I wish you magic. ;-D Have a fun weekend, Dove.

Sue said...

How true about our backgrounds shaping us. I've had my share of tough times, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. You have to know the lowest lows to appreciate the highest highs. Have fun with your bikes on the shore with your hubby!