Monday, May 19, 2008

Raining Down On Me

Well yesterday while in the shower i began to listen to what God was speaking to me about. Don't think i liked what i heard. Since i am a visual person it will be difficult to fast no pics on my blog for 10 days but that is what i heard and that is what i will do.

it was much more than that. it has to do with seeing without using your eyes. have you ever tried explaining in words only what you are seeing? i love pics, i love posting them. Here goes:

Rain Falling Down On Me
the dew of heaven fell on me
and with it came a refreshing.
it's like taking a shower with your clothes on.
everything on me was soaked and stuck to me.
the rain coat was suppose to keep the rain out
but it only left me feeling clammy.
the shoes i wore were spongy and slippery.
i walked with caution afraid of lose my footing
and ending up on the pavement
- a spectacle for passersby to see.
i worked on my calligraphy with a quill pen and gold ink. i love the art of letter writing. i always have. the movement of the pen on paper forming letters into words. i enjoy writing.
i also practiced this quote by c.s. lewis
"being in love is something you do."
i read a suggestion for an altered book - use your blog and alter the pages and pics on it.
sounds like fun; so i think i will try it.
oh i must confess i want to post a pic of something, anything for others to see. but can you visualize me doing that. maybe you could create a pic of me with my frustrated expression and post to your blog for me to enjoy. oh not to bother, i know there is something God is speaking to me about with braille. i have a friend who is blind and she uses a special machine to read books. i can't imagine not being able to see all the beauty around me. but hopeful is the person who has a friend to express in colorful words the beauty found all around them.
the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" would take on a different meaning.


VON said...


i saw your comment on my blog.
can i know who are you?

maybe we can be friends.
yeh, let's pray for china that God will make a move in the lives of the people there.



Noel said...

Dove, honestly I don't need pics...the way you write and describe your feelings I can visualize them and feel them. Not to many people have that ability but you do!
What ever God is showing you is all for His glory!!