Thursday, May 15, 2008

Late for A Very Impt Date

I had postcards for a group due the first of May. I finally finished the last four and took them to the post office yesterday. Only when I arrived the post office was closed for lunch. I forgot about this time frame. So today they go in the mail as soon as I post this pic I am running to drop them in. My mail lady said she would take them if I wrapped them in a note to say "hand cancel", now wasn't that sweet of her. The theme was "My Favorite Season". I chose Summer as I love the hot, long days. I love sunsets and the relaxing mood summer brings for many people. I used neocolors, fibers, cabochon, homemade paper from Sue's MMSD class and calligraphy Zig pens.
I've been trying so many different techniques. Wish I could be so consistent like Fannie


Sherry said...

Dove, you are consistent! consistent with your love of art and yearning to learn more and more everyday.

Fannie said...

Dove, I just found this post. Consistence for me comes by way of planning ahead, sort of planning for the future. I know I acquired this need from my childhood. I felt insecure about many things, especially my future, and needed to have security to look forward to. So I planned my days doing things so my "tomorrows" "felt" secure. Make sense?

You are consistent in the areas of your life that counts--love of God, love of family, love of friends. I'd say you are consistent in all that's important. Thanks for being consistent with me.