Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blowing In The Wind

I love hanging out clothes on my line, especially when there is a breeze blowing. What I enjoy just a little bit more is hanging out my dyed fabric to dry on the line. I took a pic of my fabrics blowing in the wind. The one in the front is a beautiful orangey sunset with gold metallic pen pattern on top of the dye. I put it on while the fabric was still wet and it didn't run. Wow!! the far left is a silk scarf I did some time ago. I just wanted to see it blow in the breeze, plus I will enjoy the smell of the fabric when I bring it in.
There is something about fresh clothes after being hung on the clothesline. When we moved into our neighborhood I made sure I could put up a clothesline. Many places don't allow a clothesline anymore. What a shame bc I just love that smell of freshness. What's there to hide - doesn't everyone have undergarments and such that needs to be washed and dried.
I remember as a child my mom had a huge tree limb she used to elevate the line in the air once all the clothes were hung on it. You know she still uses one to raise the line higher in the air so the clothes can't drag on the ground. What happened to the good ole' days? I guess they invented "febreze".
enjoy this beautiful day God has given to us. here in va it is gorgeous and now that i have dyed a little bit i am going outside and sit in a chair, look at some of my fantastic magazines and enjoy the sunshine. oh yes, my doggie will be joining me too.


Fannie said...

While reading your post, I pictured the clothesline in my back yard as a child. We had a piece of old lumber that we used to prop up the drooping clothesline. I remember pinning a bunch of wooden clothes pins to my t-shirt in preparation for hanging the clothes outside to dry. Drying the clothes outside does give it a fresh smell, doesn't it?

The problem for me was picking them off the line before a down pour of rain. ;-D

Thanks for the visit down memory lane.

morningDove said...

don't you just love those memories fannie.