Friday, May 30, 2008

Everything Is Coming Out Pink

More Pink

I am posting 1 of 6 Series Pink ATCs from my MMSD paper fabric. I don't know if I will be able to part with these once they are finished. I really love the pinky color. Actually I was using red and the spray bottle I put the paint into had a little residue of body wash. Go figure. I included found man droppings of pink ribbon. My DILs unused silk daisy flowers pulled apart, cabochon faces, a button and metallic embroidery floss. These are so fun to make. All of them will be different.
A Post For Sue on Prayer
You know all the "unusual" things that I experience in my time talking with God. Well here is one for Sue. Yesterday my doggie wanted to walk so we set out for our daily walk. As I walked up the street, I noticed a broken cd on the curb, but I didn't pick it up. I really didn't feel like picking up any man droppings on that day.
My dog decided after a short distance he didn't want to walk after all. So he rebelled and plopped his butt down in the grass at the gas station. I waited and then he decided he wanted to return home. Fine by me, I wasn't much in the walking mood anyway.
On my way back I looked over to the open field and spotted another shiny cd. I said to myself, "no i won't pick that one up either." But the prompting of the Holy Spirit led me to go over in the tall uncut grass and pick that thing up. I could feel the prompting to look at the title. Here is what the title read:
Manna from Heaven - Prayer teaching by Benny Hinn. Ok now the Lord had my attention and I was also asking forgiveness for wanting to be disobedient in picking the thing up. I had been praying as I walked up the street. More like Doubting Thomas.
Boy did I feel in the "pink" and oh so wonderful. An answer to prayer for me was "prayer". I brought the thing home and told my hubby about it. He took one look at it and said, "Its pretty scratched up, it won't work." Well, I took the cd up to my art room, popped the cd into my player and you guessed it. It worked perfectly. Manna from Heaven. What more could I ask for? But be thankful to God who answers prayer. I know God must have had an angel drop that in the field just for me. And another thing - when I walked Bear later in the day the field had been cut.
The cd would have been history if I had hesitated and thought to go back later to retrieve it.


Sherry said...

Pink is good! Lovely card you have made there Dove. Thanks for sharing you walk with us. Isn't it just amazing each time God speaks to us in ways that are truly shocking. A really good short read....A Taste of Believing God by Beth Moore. The jest of the message..God is who He says he is, can do what He says He'll do, I am who God says I am, I can do all things through Christ, God's word is alive and Active in me.

Fannie said...

What a choice experience, Dove. Thanks for sharing. Paying attention to things we don't understand usually results in blessed miracles . . . you are blessed each day.

Love the ATC too. How will you part with it? Want my address? ;-D

morningDove said...

is this in the Beth Moore book you were reading? i need a deep abiding belief shift in my know-er.

Jacq said...

What a wonderful find. Glad you followed that little "nudge". I like your ATC and the color pink is good.

Noel said...

What an awesome God we have!! What a blessing and that is a great cd too!
Dove, I first met Benny Hinn in 1983, he preached at my church in Michigan several times. I loved hearing him preach!
I'm sure that's a great cd!!

Sue said...

Oh Dove, so sorry that it's been so long since I've visited. What a great find and I appreciate that you thought of me! I do believe God has brought us together for a reason....this is one more example. Wait until I get around to writing about Thursday's morning bike ride into work -- that one's for you! (but it will take me a couple of days...)

morningDove said...

hurry sue, hurry. i can't wait, you have my curiosity and attention.