Friday, May 09, 2008

Balance & Pressure

My samples from the Mixed Media Surface design class. Here is my fabric paper. I like the happy blue colors in this fabric. I may make it into ATCs or FPCs. Right now I just like looking at it.

Here is a pic of my pattern journal. I did add to mine word clippings from the local newspaper. This was a fun project and one that came together rather easily, esp. with my frame of mind. I added the signatures. Now I can't wait to embellish the cording left hanging on the binding. I did use two personal symbols underneath the pattern - the numbers 3 and 9.

My hubby has been off all this week from work. So I have tried to spend time with him. But after I meet a big deadline my system seems to shut down. I have not been on my FAT group at all. That's not like me. My son came home last night hoping to get in to see the doctor today. He is my first concern.

And then my hubby decided he had had it with our bed. He wakes up every morning with his back in spasms and hurting until he can't really walk. So he decided to try a tempurpedic. It is suppose to be delivered today. That meant I had to remove the bed in my art room out. It went to the neighbor next door. They needed an extra bed, so my son and DIL will have a nice queen bed for their spare room.

With this happening I figured I needed to clean out my mess from all the deadlines I had been pushing to finish in my room. So there was another big undertaking. But all I really wanted to do was - create. I did pickup and put away quite a bit of stuff and sorted out things into designated bins. Wow really I accomplished a lot. Then I was able to play for a little while - the results which I posted above.

The weather has been great so out came the motorcycle and rides with my hubby. Balance - yes balance is what I need. I get tunnel vision and need to be brought back to expanding my vision and the needs of others.

Sherry helped me do that with her wonderful post of Psalms 41. Thank you so much for that wonderful encouragement. I am going to print it out for my son. He will appreciate that someone took the time to send him a scripture verse.


Sherry said...

These are great, Dove. Oh the motorcycles! Oh I really miss ours. We had his and hers Harley's several years ago. We sold them and moved back to 4 wheels. I really miss them every spring and fall. Can't wait to see what you creat next!

Sue said...

I like the change of photos! Doesn't it feel good to get "stuff" organized and cleaned out? I always intend to sort closets and storage bins but never seem to get around to it. Hope your son finds relief without surgery -- said a prayer today!

Jacq said...

I like your fabric paper and journal. Great idea adding the extra words.

Noel said...

Hi Dove, I see you have been a busy lady..with creating and family....tho family does come first.
Your fabric paper and journal are very lovely. You have been experimenting with a lot of different techniques...good for you...keeps the creative juces flowing.
I too need balance in my life...that I am seeking God's help with!
Motorcycles....oh what I wouldn't give to be on one of those...lucky you and's so nice to be able to spend time together!

PS...I just love reading the Psalms too!