Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faster Rate of Speed

This morning checking my email I came across a prayer request for a sweet young man. One of the attendants for my son's wedding. On his way to work last night (he's a nurse in a big hospital) he hit a deer. At 60 miles per hour it doesn't take much to figure how far he was thrown. But the great thing about all this - he is in surgery, broke his thumb in 3 places but no brain injury or major injuries. His wife is pregnant and several months back they lost a pregnancy but she has made it past the critical stage this time.

They are a sweet, loving couple. When I attended their wedding it was the most touching one I had been to up to that point. They wrote their own wedding vows. Each had the other's father read the vows to the spouse-to-be; it was a blessing being handed down from the fathers. So touching. I had never seen any one want to honor their family so much nor feel the need to demonstrate the father's blessing being passed on to the next generation. I am sure in the Jewish community that is probably done. What an example of a Godly desire for marriage.

My Art - MMSD box w/ drawers
I finished the box just in time to mail out as a door prize for the FAT birthday party. I will try to make another one now that I know how much of the supplies I really need ahead of time. Maybe I will try to make a bunch ahead of time. With hubby home this week and in back pain not sure how far I will get. He's priority.

I did start on lesson 4 with the cling wrap. I'm not sure I want to do a vase as big as the sample. May just do a smaller one to keep on my work desk.

P.S. Note - I read Sue's blog this morning about her parents installing solar panels and it reminded me of what I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me this morning. As I was doing laundry I heard the words - "Everything will speed up from this point on". Everything will speed up, I asked, "What does that mean?" Sue's blog post gave me a picture in my head of my power meter going crazy - just watching it accelerate esp. when the dryer is working or the stove is on. Have you ever taken a look at your meter to see how fast it is turning?
i also heard Dominion Power is raising their rates for energy. How will people afford the necessities in life?


Sue said...

I wish I knew where this energy crisis is going to lead us. My personal opinion is that our government needs to focus on renewable energy (solar, wind) instead of just drilling more oil, but the pessimist in me believes the greed of the quick fix (increased drilling) will win out. I do hope I'm wrong.

morningDove said...

i know what you mean Sue. usually we go for quick and fast "anything."