Saturday, May 31, 2008

God's In Charge

More Pink ATC's
Here are 4 more of the 6 series - "PINK" ATCs. I really enjoyed finding just the right combination for each one. I loved it so much I really tested the waters and made two pink faces from modeling clay. Now I am really excited!!.
My camera does not want to upload anything so these are scanned in with my computer and Lexmark All-n-One.
A Visit To The Beach
Last night we decided to visit our son at the beach. He is so tired and exhausted he didn't even want to go out an eat. But we encouraged him to go and get a decent meal. Before we left a migraine at started for him. Our concern is he is not eating right but more importantly he is not hydrating himself at all. The tap water is nasty, he says. And truly he doesn't have the extra money right now to buy water. So he doesn't drink anything.
I am praying that God would actually move him closer to his church and even with someone who would need a companion in the home. Right now his life is playing music on the praise team for his church. So he would be a great asset to an older person in their home, bc he would always be around. My hubby drove home last night with a grieving spirit after seeing our son.
Since finding the prayer teaching from Benny Hinn I have listened over and over to his teaching. Very straight forward with great scripture about praying and asking God for His will through our prayers.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Everything Is Coming Out Pink

More Pink

I am posting 1 of 6 Series Pink ATCs from my MMSD paper fabric. I don't know if I will be able to part with these once they are finished. I really love the pinky color. Actually I was using red and the spray bottle I put the paint into had a little residue of body wash. Go figure. I included found man droppings of pink ribbon. My DILs unused silk daisy flowers pulled apart, cabochon faces, a button and metallic embroidery floss. These are so fun to make. All of them will be different.
A Post For Sue on Prayer
You know all the "unusual" things that I experience in my time talking with God. Well here is one for Sue. Yesterday my doggie wanted to walk so we set out for our daily walk. As I walked up the street, I noticed a broken cd on the curb, but I didn't pick it up. I really didn't feel like picking up any man droppings on that day.
My dog decided after a short distance he didn't want to walk after all. So he rebelled and plopped his butt down in the grass at the gas station. I waited and then he decided he wanted to return home. Fine by me, I wasn't much in the walking mood anyway.
On my way back I looked over to the open field and spotted another shiny cd. I said to myself, "no i won't pick that one up either." But the prompting of the Holy Spirit led me to go over in the tall uncut grass and pick that thing up. I could feel the prompting to look at the title. Here is what the title read:
Manna from Heaven - Prayer teaching by Benny Hinn. Ok now the Lord had my attention and I was also asking forgiveness for wanting to be disobedient in picking the thing up. I had been praying as I walked up the street. More like Doubting Thomas.
Boy did I feel in the "pink" and oh so wonderful. An answer to prayer for me was "prayer". I brought the thing home and told my hubby about it. He took one look at it and said, "Its pretty scratched up, it won't work." Well, I took the cd up to my art room, popped the cd into my player and you guessed it. It worked perfectly. Manna from Heaven. What more could I ask for? But be thankful to God who answers prayer. I know God must have had an angel drop that in the field just for me. And another thing - when I walked Bear later in the day the field had been cut.
The cd would have been history if I had hesitated and thought to go back later to retrieve it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pink Everything Pink

I forgot to mention its been 10 days. yahoo, post those pics!!!

Mixed Media Surface Design Class - lesson 4

I have cleaned out my room again, this time scraps of paper and junk mail I thought I might use in my art. You can only keep so much until it becomes a nuisance. I have been working on my MMSD cling wrap card and vase. The vase turned out to be this beautiful pale pink. I just love it and I am not a pink person. I love how the napkin has pieces hanging out from the torn pieces. I have never used my quilting bar to do grids but there is a first for everything. I like the grid pattern. I have some words in white paint scattered throughout the sides of the vase. This is an unusual shape. I accidentally cut mine short, it s/b 13" tall but mine is 11". Oh well the technique and process didn't change. I even used pink lining.

And since I don't like to waste anything for my card corners I used the cut-offs from the vase. It doesn't look bad at all. I cut the circle out with the cutter I bought the other day. At least the thing will cut plain paper. It half-way cut the cling wrap fabric. So I can't complain.

Good Health

On to more important topics: hubby went to chiropractor today and the results on xray will be back on Friday. I believe one side of his hip is higher. Not sure what else. But no tumors or anything like that showing he said. He even took some kind of measurement with his legs/feet to see his stance. He is definitely compensating for the pain. I'm so glad his mind is relieved some bc I believe he thought is was a tumor or such.

I looked at the time and it is 1:11 am. So will close for now to get a little shut-eye.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

God's Blessings

Yesterday I posted about "everything from here will speed up". What was very eerie for me was an email I received about the Middle-East and processes that are speeding up, and the fast track. I sure felt that was what I was hearing spoken about "speeding up." The Bible speaks of countries that bless Israel will be blessed. Well my opinion is the USA needs to be careful what we are trying to do in forcing Israel to split up its land. The Road Map to Peace and the Shelf Agreement don't sound like such a great idea to me. But then I don't know the pressure being put on behind the scenes or what else is at stake. BUT i do know what the Word Of God says and it never lies. So we need to be very careful.

There is this little pamphlet my naturopathic gave me titled "Daily Spirit Blessing - With the Blessings of Your Father and The Names Of God". Day 3 which I was reading yesterday was "I bless you with life-giving relationships". I know that all that read my blog are life-givers. And to you all I say, "God Bless Them Today In a Very Real Way - Answer a Deep Request of Their Hearts". and the Day 3 blessing In the Name of God was - "I bless you in the name of Jeohovah-Rophe, your healer". I also ask God in the name of Jehovah-Rophe to heal your deepest need - it may be spiritual, physical, emotional or mental. He is The Great Physician.

my art
I am working on the vase from MMSD class. I had fun yesterday with shredded junk mail paper and torn up bits of this and that, even fabrics shreds. Now to fix it to the felt and cut the shape of the vase out. Soon I will be able to post pics again. I want to thank Sue for posting her poppy on her blog for me. Such an act of kindness to me. That was very special and greatly appreciated.

I also did a button fairy bc FAT is having a trade but I don't feel mine is very good. So don't know if I will enter there. Maybe I should try making another one.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faster Rate of Speed

This morning checking my email I came across a prayer request for a sweet young man. One of the attendants for my son's wedding. On his way to work last night (he's a nurse in a big hospital) he hit a deer. At 60 miles per hour it doesn't take much to figure how far he was thrown. But the great thing about all this - he is in surgery, broke his thumb in 3 places but no brain injury or major injuries. His wife is pregnant and several months back they lost a pregnancy but she has made it past the critical stage this time.

They are a sweet, loving couple. When I attended their wedding it was the most touching one I had been to up to that point. They wrote their own wedding vows. Each had the other's father read the vows to the spouse-to-be; it was a blessing being handed down from the fathers. So touching. I had never seen any one want to honor their family so much nor feel the need to demonstrate the father's blessing being passed on to the next generation. I am sure in the Jewish community that is probably done. What an example of a Godly desire for marriage.

My Art - MMSD box w/ drawers
I finished the box just in time to mail out as a door prize for the FAT birthday party. I will try to make another one now that I know how much of the supplies I really need ahead of time. Maybe I will try to make a bunch ahead of time. With hubby home this week and in back pain not sure how far I will get. He's priority.

I did start on lesson 4 with the cling wrap. I'm not sure I want to do a vase as big as the sample. May just do a smaller one to keep on my work desk.

P.S. Note - I read Sue's blog this morning about her parents installing solar panels and it reminded me of what I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me this morning. As I was doing laundry I heard the words - "Everything will speed up from this point on". Everything will speed up, I asked, "What does that mean?" Sue's blog post gave me a picture in my head of my power meter going crazy - just watching it accelerate esp. when the dryer is working or the stove is on. Have you ever taken a look at your meter to see how fast it is turning?
i also heard Dominion Power is raising their rates for energy. How will people afford the necessities in life?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Day

My calendar has it is Memorial Day for the US, Dia de la Recordacion de los Muertos de la Guerra for Puerto Rico (Memorial day in Spanish), and Spring Bank Holiday in the UK. So happy all of those days for those reading my post.

The little post at the bottom of my calendar is by
Robert Benchley
Every boy should have two things:
a dog and a mother willing to let him have one
my chocolate lab is feeling pretty stinky just like my hubby. Hubby is in continual pain and hopefully tomorrow the doctor can schedule an xray. i hate it when my children are sick or my hubby is feeling under the weather. My hubby spoke to our oldest yesterday and he said his back feels like it is on fire all the time. He has to take the meds they prescribed before they will suggest another doctor. It is so crazy with the medical field anymore. I remember when you had a faithful family doctor that could do just about anything. The world is a changin'.
Today has been 1 week without pictures on my blog. I like pictures and miss posting them even though my camera can be frustrating uploading to my computer. Three more days and then I will put a few pics on each day. Really I haven't been doing very much. I did get my MMSD lesson 4 and looked at it. I need to finish the box with drawers. So I guess that is what I am going to do right now bc it will take a day for the glue to dry.
Happy Memorial Day break everyone!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oh Death Where Is Your Sting

Well today has been a bluesey day for me. A friend send me an email about Steven Curtis Chapman's little adopted daughter's death. He is a great singer and has over 50 Dove awards. She was only 5 years old and her brother didn't she her in their driveway and hit her. I can't imagine the pain of this family.

The ironic thing is tonight Gospel Music Channel had his life long's journey on Faith and Fame Marathon. When you watch him share about his struggles in life and doing God's will there is such humility in him. They dedicated this show to his little Maria Sue Chapman who went home to be with the Lord this week.

Now I don't pretend to under any of this and I never will. I'm not God and don't understand His plans for each one of us. Tonight as it moves into Sunday I ponder this loss and so many more that don't make sense to me.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wait Loss

Yesterday I bought a fiskar circle cutter. I don't believe its worth the $20.00 they charge. I tried cutting a circle out of fabric. Of course I could be using it wrong. Directions say to hold down the button that puts pressure on the fabric to hold it in place. With the other hand turn the circle cutter. The fabric bunches up as you turn it to cut. I believe if I backed it with freezer paper or it was stiff the cutter would work. But they don't advertise that is the only way it should cut. Well this would be a good product for our consumer update person in our quilt guild to share. Maybe someone in there has experience using the thing. I really hate new gadgets unless someone is demonstrating it for me. I know, I know I am so visual.

i have been working on painting pieces of fabric. One I had fun with and wrote the words "city slicker" in white after painting the fabric with bright circles. Another I did last night was practicing sunset backgrounds. I realized there is so much in making your background. It can add texture, color, and set the tone for what you place on top to make the focus. I'm not happy plopping something down on top of fabric and calling it done. I'm working on collages.

You know I realize our lives are like that too. Our background is everything in the past, it helps to shape us and make us who we are today. We can choose to let go and leave all the stuff behind or we can put a heavy load on our back and carry it around every day. Personally I am working on lightening the load. My backpack was kind of getting pretty heavy.

The weight of yesterday has been released to give me more energy for today.
It reminds me of Sue and her goals she has set.
Are you setting your pace and working on your wait-loss?
"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart."
Psalm 27:14

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Wizard

I'm off to see the wizard of figures this morning. And I don't mean exercising guru, I mean my accountant. I wish it were for exercising at least I would be a happier camper. lol.

Happy, Happy 3rd Birthday FAT. They're having a party over there from 12:30 t0 2:30pm today. Prizes and fun stuff.

But for now I must run take my doggie for a walk before I leave for my appointment.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Women With A Cause

I have been working on my Mixed Media Surface Design box drawers. This is a little bit of work but I have not been at my sewing machine as much as I have the last two days for this project. It actually feels kind of nice to sit and sew. This little box is so cute.

Today has been a beautiful day outside. The birds have been flitting all around my yard and its so wonderful to watch God's creatures enjoying life. The sun has been out and for a short time my doggie and I sat enjoying the sunshine radiating down on us. There's a peace and yet a stirring in my heart - a lingering, a pondering, a solitude that needs to be met.

I realize I have lived a simple life. Today in the mail a little local magazine came and on the front of "Next Door Neighbors" was the title "Women Making A Difference". Three of last year's honorees were on the cover and I knew two of them. One has The Hat Trader an organization with hat, wigs, etc for women losing their hair from chemo therapy. She lost her hubby this year too. She is part of my quilt guild. Her organization came from her own bout with breast cancer.

The other I know is the founder of "H-E-A-R-T" Hope Exists After Rape Trauma foundation. She was my son's baby sitter and like another mother to my son. Her attacker invaded her home and forced her at knife point into woods behind her home. All this while her hubby (a police officer) slept upstairs. Through DNA her attacker was finally caught and brought to justice. She helped legislate a bill for DNA testing and how to store it once police depts take possession of it. They also made a movie about her.

Personally I would not want to experience these situations but I am thankful they saw the need to found the organizations and help others. My simple life may not be made into a movie, and I will probably never help legislate a bill but I know as a mother and wife and woman I have made a difference in this life. Simply by "Being."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Withdrawal from Pics

This is only the second day with no pictures on my blog. I really love my pics. Well I have definitely quietened my spirit and soul. Yesterday I really cleaned my room. Its so clean I wasn't sure who's room I was in. I even rearranged the room and it definitely opened up more floor space.

I am trying to read the book of Ezekiel in the Bible. Oh boy!! I have listened and listened again to yesterday's song "Everything To Me." I know what its like to be one that grew up in Sunday school and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday night and every time the doors were opened. But I want more, I want that relationship with God that touches the heart of Him and moves the mountains with the faith of a mustard seed. I know its not impossible.

I have been working on my MMSD class. I made the concertina book. It's a sweet pink wool with pink mulberry bark. If you remember I don't usually work in pink but lately that seems to be the color I gravitate toward and purple. Today I began work on the box with drawers. It's only 5" square but it does involve building up layers. I have the base of the box all together. Now I just need to hand stitch the sides. That alone could stop me in my tracks - the hand stitching. I don't like to hand stitch. I've used red wool, dyed cheese cloth, purple and burgundy roving, skeleton leaves, torn pages from a magazine and misty fuse. I enclosed it all in pale purple tulle. Tomorrow I may finish it. We will see.

Interesting that I can't post pics right now.
The quote I came across in "Quotable Women - A Celebration" is

"The most beautiful things in the world can
not be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart."
Helen Keller
"There is so much in the world for us all if we only have the eyes to see it,
and the heart and the hand to gather it ourselves..."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Everything I Need

That is so the desire of my heart - that Jesus would be everything I need. But that is not true yet. Flesh keeps getting in the way. Avalon sings that song "Everything I Need". Take a listen.
Oh that I could say that He is the air that I breathe, I know that He is more than a story, or a page in history. But to say He is everything to me, the water I thirst for. Oh make it so Jesus during this time that I seek to hear You better, follow You more and leave flesh behind to follow You. This is the true desire of my heart.

I love how our youth express their deepest longings, short and sweet, to the point.

it turns to grit in my mouth
nothing satisfies that longing
deep within my soul
i look to food but there's no taste
and what could i drink
to bring that joy i long for
jesus you are what i thirst for
that nth degree of love to know
You more.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Raining Down On Me

Well yesterday while in the shower i began to listen to what God was speaking to me about. Don't think i liked what i heard. Since i am a visual person it will be difficult to fast no pics on my blog for 10 days but that is what i heard and that is what i will do.

it was much more than that. it has to do with seeing without using your eyes. have you ever tried explaining in words only what you are seeing? i love pics, i love posting them. Here goes:

Rain Falling Down On Me
the dew of heaven fell on me
and with it came a refreshing.
it's like taking a shower with your clothes on.
everything on me was soaked and stuck to me.
the rain coat was suppose to keep the rain out
but it only left me feeling clammy.
the shoes i wore were spongy and slippery.
i walked with caution afraid of lose my footing
and ending up on the pavement
- a spectacle for passersby to see.
i worked on my calligraphy with a quill pen and gold ink. i love the art of letter writing. i always have. the movement of the pen on paper forming letters into words. i enjoy writing.
i also practiced this quote by c.s. lewis
"being in love is something you do."
i read a suggestion for an altered book - use your blog and alter the pages and pics on it.
sounds like fun; so i think i will try it.
oh i must confess i want to post a pic of something, anything for others to see. but can you visualize me doing that. maybe you could create a pic of me with my frustrated expression and post to your blog for me to enjoy. oh not to bother, i know there is something God is speaking to me about with braille. i have a friend who is blind and she uses a special machine to read books. i can't imagine not being able to see all the beauty around me. but hopeful is the person who has a friend to express in colorful words the beauty found all around them.
the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" would take on a different meaning.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Our court house is right across from the "New Town" area.

Here is a question for you?

In our area they built a little "town" within our town with shops, office buildings,townhouses, movie theatre, and book store. Now the city is building one too. Police officers are paid extra and assigned to this area on weekends bc of young kids running wild and getting into trouble.
In talking with my son, he ask me what I thought the average age group was that was being unattended by parents and allowed to act like this.

What would your guess be?

maybe the same as mine and my hubby's "13"? You might be shocked to know that the average age is "9". Parents are dropping their children off and many leaving them until curfew. They are left unattended to run wild like a pack of wolves to do whatever they please, talk however they please, to whomever they please.

The older people and I mean 20's and up are not able to go to the movie without rowdies throwing popcorn and other stuff, being disruptive in their loudness, etc. The bookstore alone has a police officer assigned to it bc of so much theft. Probably most of that are dares in stealing.

The younger children have no regard for others; don't seem to care if they run over others when running in their packs or while walking in the stores or around the town. They are just rude!

Where are the parents?

The movie attendant said many will walk up with $50 bill or a $100 dollar bill purchase a ticket, so they have the stub but never attend the movie.

Where are the parents?

There is an entire generation of parents who don't care what their children are doing as long as they are not bothering them. And then there is another parental mindset that doesn't want to disappoint or to say no, so they give the child anything they want, when they want it, without any restraints.

It makes me sad to see this mindset. I can't imagine what this particular generation will be like as they grow up. Its more than the "me" attitude.

Do you ever go out after dark in your area? Do you know what is going on around where you live, in your town? Do you care? In our area you can do a "ride along" with a police officer. Maybe all our good citizens should do one just to see what is truly happening around them.

And on an even sadder note: when a police officer has to make a phone call to a parent for the most part the attitude of the parent is "Why are you harassing my child?" and then they are cursed out by the parent themselves.

In the Bible it talks about the world getting worse; that right will become wrong and wrong will be right. It says that lawlessness will abound. In the time since my hubby began his police career to now with my son, I have seen a major change and shift in attitudes toward respect for authority. Its gone past challenging authority to total disregard for any kind of authority. In our area they struggle to get people who can pass the requirements for police officer. One of those requirements being no use of drugs. Its amazing how many have experimented with drugs and disqualify themselves for many job opportunities today. One has to love protecting and serving their community to do this job bc it definitely is not about pay, respect or job security.

Oh the movie theatre being built in the city says they will not allow children under a certain age without an adult. If that comes about wonder how long it will take before some one threatens suit over discrimination. Its not all about the child as some of the bumper stickers say. Its about parents being parents. Its about saying no and taking children with them to places even when the child thinks its stupid, dumb and boring. Its about children earning, according to age appropriateness, the liberty to do certain things. Well that is my opinion. Enough ranting for today.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blowing In The Wind

I love hanging out clothes on my line, especially when there is a breeze blowing. What I enjoy just a little bit more is hanging out my dyed fabric to dry on the line. I took a pic of my fabrics blowing in the wind. The one in the front is a beautiful orangey sunset with gold metallic pen pattern on top of the dye. I put it on while the fabric was still wet and it didn't run. Wow!! the far left is a silk scarf I did some time ago. I just wanted to see it blow in the breeze, plus I will enjoy the smell of the fabric when I bring it in.
There is something about fresh clothes after being hung on the clothesline. When we moved into our neighborhood I made sure I could put up a clothesline. Many places don't allow a clothesline anymore. What a shame bc I just love that smell of freshness. What's there to hide - doesn't everyone have undergarments and such that needs to be washed and dried.
I remember as a child my mom had a huge tree limb she used to elevate the line in the air once all the clothes were hung on it. You know she still uses one to raise the line higher in the air so the clothes can't drag on the ground. What happened to the good ole' days? I guess they invented "febreze".
enjoy this beautiful day God has given to us. here in va it is gorgeous and now that i have dyed a little bit i am going outside and sit in a chair, look at some of my fantastic magazines and enjoy the sunshine. oh yes, my doggie will be joining me too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Glimpse Out My Window

I finished the "Glimpse Out My Window" 5x7 quilt today for FAT. The pieces have been scattered all over my cutting table. So I pushed myself to finish it today. Its title "Taunt Me."

My doggie has a special chair in our dining room that he lays in to look out into the front yard. The bird feeder is right at the window but the birds come anyway. He doesn't bark or scare them away. But, when a cat comes into our yard that is a different story. He goes crazy. He hates it when our neighbors cat invades his territory. So that is what I see from my window.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Late for A Very Impt Date

I had postcards for a group due the first of May. I finally finished the last four and took them to the post office yesterday. Only when I arrived the post office was closed for lunch. I forgot about this time frame. So today they go in the mail as soon as I post this pic I am running to drop them in. My mail lady said she would take them if I wrapped them in a note to say "hand cancel", now wasn't that sweet of her. The theme was "My Favorite Season". I chose Summer as I love the hot, long days. I love sunsets and the relaxing mood summer brings for many people. I used neocolors, fibers, cabochon, homemade paper from Sue's MMSD class and calligraphy Zig pens.
I've been trying so many different techniques. Wish I could be so consistent like Fannie

Inka's Stamps

Inka has some wonderful stamps and I love the challenges she gives. There are some very creative artists out their working in stamps/papers. I love seeing all their work. Inka ask us to mail her pics of doors/windows that she might consider using for transfer/stamping sheets. She was so gracious to send me the goodies in return for use of the photograph. There are stamps, cut glass house pieces, two sheets of window/doors and other wonderful pics/goodies. I am definitely out of my league on this one. I love the foamie protectors she mailed the glass in.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Windows & Doors

ART In Photography
We were encouraged to send in our window and door pics for a group. This pic from my Caribbean cruise was one selected to be made into a stamping sheet. In return I received some really cool stuff. I will take a picture of the gifts and put on my blog tomorrow.

It was on the island of Antigua.

Son's Pain
Well our son came up to go to the doctor and he feels like he wasted time and money. The doctor didn't check his neck, didn't even touch him but spent about 2 minutes in the room and just said he would suggest therapy in order to get an MRI. He gave him two meds which he didn't tell him what they were for. Then we had to run around to different pharmacies to get them filled. You could feel the frustration building. All of this to say it has also added more stress on my hubby.

I think as a parent one of the worse things is watching a child suffer and knowing you can't do anything to take away the pain. Ok, well the Word says "the testing of your faith produces perseverance." That's a tough one for me, but that's where the Lord seems to have me right now. What was James thinking when he penned that scripture?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Already

I am posting this FAT party hat by the skin of my teeth. I borrowed Pika and put her on my party hat for the 3rd birthday celebration of FAT. Not really sure what I want to put in as favors. I might put in one of my pin cushions I made but didn't trade, of course, fabric and what else? hum, i need to think about this!

Today my oldest comes home to go to an orthopedic doctor for his neck injury. I know he is not sleeping very much. Looks like I am right there with him. I want to spend a little time creating something. Please keep him in prayer.
Remember the testing of your faith works perseverance. Well I would say my hubby's is definitely being tested. I am a little concerned but I know we must trust God in all things no matter how they look.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Consider It All Joy

I just love Lisa Engelbrecht's work.
So I am posting a few more of her
beautiful pieces she had on display
at the lettering class.
I've been practicing my letter
writing and my calligraphy.

Testing of Your Faith
i've been pondering the first chapter of James in the Bible. "Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance."
I awoke this morning with another migraine, oh boy, is it painful. But I still had to walk my insistent dog after coming to me three times with his leash. It was cold and dreary and raining. People probably wondered why I was wearing sunglasses in the rain. Usually I love walking in the rain but not this day. Yet I still have made it through the day and am thankful to the Lord for this day. I hope your day has been one to be thankful for even if it has not been what you thought it would be.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Here it is almost 1am and I just finished an awesome conversation with my oldest son who lives at the beach. He waited until after 12 to text me and be the first son to say "Happy Mother's Day". His words are precious to my soul. He talked about how precious it is to be around his family bc there was a day when he wanted to be anywhere else but with family. He thanked me for always being there, praying and loving him no matter what. He spoke of how he enjoys being with his dad and me by himself; or hanging out with his younger brother watching him play video games.

He shared the favor of the Lord on his life for being on the praise team at his church and playing guitar. He's learning that God does not forget His own but learning that God is faithful. His conversation was precious to me and a great early morning blessing and gift for Mother's Day. He didn't want me to think he had forgotten today. How precious - that is all I can say.

I cherish every moment I have like that. Today think on all the good things you have and don't focus on what seems not to be happening. God is so very faithful!!

I remember the day not so long ago when my son's little head peeked over the top of the pew when we were in church like the crown of this little guy. This was the little ring bearer's head in my son's wedding. He was so serious about being the ring bearer that he came early just to practice what he had to do. He adores my son and they have the same name.

Thanks for the remembrance!!

Youngest's Gift

And youngest surprised me this morning with a bouquet of red roses. He always finds the sweetest "word" cards. Fits him to a tee. Here are pics of the roses and my card. What a wonderful day so far! I just finished cooking hubby and youngest breakfast. Now my home smells of love and bacon. The sweetest fragrance in any home is love.

The NewlyWeds
DIL is working today but son came over to bring me their card. It is so sweet and very special too. It is embedded with wildflower seeds. So technically this card is not a keeper but a planter. I don't know if I can bear to part with this one as it is my first one from them together married. Can you read the note on the back entitled "Flowering Notes?"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Off

Here is my MMSD Week 1 - sample 2 book. It is 5 3/4 by 16. I know you are thinking that's an unusual size. I hate to waste anything. When I made the pattern journal the cardstock was cut down and what was left I need to use. So this book is made bc of the leftover cardstock. I really like my skinny book. I tore up a local retail store booklet of mother's day ads. I chose mostly the legs, arms and body parts of the women. Then I picked words, i.e. - mother, our gift, mom, and whipsers. The pasted everything down then painted the cheesecloth a blue/purple. I even used the small little pieces of cardstock in between the pages to make them stronger. Like I said I hate waste and I had to use it bc I didn't want to pack it in my "stuff" junk box.

My Son & a New Bed
My son is scheduled to go to a specialist on Tuesday. The earliest they could see him. In the meantime they have given him pain meds. I hate that stuff; its so strong but I know necessary at times. He didn't spend the night but returned home to the beach. Then he called and said he wished he had stayed at "his" home. He was so cute in his conversation.
My hubby bought a tempur pedic bed and it was delivered yesterday. Is anybody sensitive to smells? Oh my I am!! I could not even sleep in my bedroom bc the odor from the pillows were so strong. It smelled like formaldehyde to me. I thought I was going to be sick.
Now the plastic was another story. Of course I saved that big piece. And my hubby just chuckled and told the guy he didn't get rid of it soon enough. I know I can use it to underlay my painting stuff and protect surfaces. Its even big enough to cover my swing seats in the winter if I want to use it for that.
It seems I am like a new-born baby. My days are messed up. I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday. My hubby had to keep correcting me. When he's home I lose track of days, time; just everything. I laughed so hard yesterday. We went shopping at Bed,Bath and Beyond to get a new comforter. But while in the bathroom isle I stopped to look at the magnification mirrors. My hubby didn't know what I was asking him to look into. When he did he was so startled at the magnified big nose. I started to laugh so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants right there. He is so funny anyway. Can you imagine!? Its good to laugh at ones self sometimes.
thank you for the prayers for my son. I know God works all things out for good to those who love HIM and are called according to HIS purpose.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Balance & Pressure

My samples from the Mixed Media Surface design class. Here is my fabric paper. I like the happy blue colors in this fabric. I may make it into ATCs or FPCs. Right now I just like looking at it.

Here is a pic of my pattern journal. I did add to mine word clippings from the local newspaper. This was a fun project and one that came together rather easily, esp. with my frame of mind. I added the signatures. Now I can't wait to embellish the cording left hanging on the binding. I did use two personal symbols underneath the pattern - the numbers 3 and 9.

My hubby has been off all this week from work. So I have tried to spend time with him. But after I meet a big deadline my system seems to shut down. I have not been on my FAT group at all. That's not like me. My son came home last night hoping to get in to see the doctor today. He is my first concern.

And then my hubby decided he had had it with our bed. He wakes up every morning with his back in spasms and hurting until he can't really walk. So he decided to try a tempurpedic. It is suppose to be delivered today. That meant I had to remove the bed in my art room out. It went to the neighbor next door. They needed an extra bed, so my son and DIL will have a nice queen bed for their spare room.

With this happening I figured I needed to clean out my mess from all the deadlines I had been pushing to finish in my room. So there was another big undertaking. But all I really wanted to do was - create. I did pickup and put away quite a bit of stuff and sorted out things into designated bins. Wow really I accomplished a lot. Then I was able to play for a little while - the results which I posted above.

The weather has been great so out came the motorcycle and rides with my hubby. Balance - yes balance is what I need. I get tunnel vision and need to be brought back to expanding my vision and the needs of others.

Sherry helped me do that with her wonderful post of Psalms 41. Thank you so much for that wonderful encouragement. I am going to print it out for my son. He will appreciate that someone took the time to send him a scripture verse.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Prayer & Mixed Media Surface Design

I received an urgent request from my son at the beach to get in to see our doctor. Seems the stress at work and the neck injury from surfing when he was younger is getting the best of him. He has slept only 45 minutes last night and that is not good since he works with heavy equipment and cutting machinery, ie saws. This has been going on for some time and he has tried to tolerate the pain. In another hour our doctor will be in and I will make the call. I pray he can get in to the right doctor and get some relief. But what I am afraid of is it may come down to neck surgery. So please pray.
On a lighter note I will post this pic of Lisa's hearts from the Art -n- Soul class. Aren't they beautiful. I did work on my mixed media surface design class and finished the first assignment. Now do I make ATCs or postcards?!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Goodie Bag & Altered Photos

Art -n- Soul prepared a wonderful little goodie bag for all their participants using the theme "By The Sea". Here are some of the things that were in their little pack. An ink stamp pad in chocolate, walnut ink, a pen, a fun beach ball and other good stuff. When I get a block I think I'll blow up my ball and have fun bouncing it around my room. That should get rid of the boredom and brain freeze. Oh yeah I got two cute little stamps, one a cat and the other a mouse.


Yesterday our class began with Sue Bleiweiss but I did not start. I must clean my room before I start anything else.
I also am doing a workshop using black and white photos and altering them. Here is my first one - a donkey from the Caribbean. He reminds me of Mr. Ed the talking horse. I added glasses and smoking a pipe on him.
You can see the original pic, then the donkey in black and white with inked background. And finally the finished altered pic. It was really a lot of fun.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Collage Mania

My hubby bought me two collages from Collage Mania for my Mother's Day present. Thank you to all the artists.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Angel Art Quilt

Grandmother Who Holds The Sunset
Here is my angel quilt top. I placed her sitting on top of the flowers she loves-roses. The background fabric is from the Lewis and Clark "Journey" collection. I found the word "quilting" in the words and it is actually at the top right hand corner. The angel quilt is called "Grandmother Who Holds The Sunset" because her favorite time of day is sunset. This is the picture I took of the sun setting on the Colonial Parkway near Jamestown. She is a teacher and genealogist so I chose the pen and ink to represent these two parts of who she is. The ink bottle holds angelina ink and the pen has a drop of angelina falling off on to the fabric. I was given a pic of my angel which was taken the day we were assigned the guild member. From this pic I took her head and ran it through on fabric to place on the body I created for her. The final decision I made was to put a partial butterfly wing made of black thread and angelina on her. I really love how this worked out. I hope my angel likes what I did for her.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Celebrating Life

I forgot to mention 3 birthdays in a row, May2 my youngest son's girlfriend is 20, May3 oldest son's day and today May 4th MIL's birthday.

But today I celebrated my artistic side at Art and Soul. I took a wonderful lettering class with Lisa Engelbrecht. Lisa was featured in Quilting Arts Magazine Winter 2004, Issue Sixteen. I fell in love with her work then and last month I bought another magazine she was featured in. I saw her class at Art-n-Soul and felt compelled to sign up for the class especially since it was so close to home. What a great teacher!! She even signed my magazine. Her work was displayed on the walls right by me. You could just feel the artistry oozing out of each one and they were fantastic. I bought her dvd and in June she has a new book coming out. She will be teaching in Italy. We were allowed to see the book she will offer in the classes in Italy. Wish I could go. Wonder if her suitcase would have any room after packing all that scrumptious paints, dyes and supplies?

This is a door pic I took in the Caribbean and its a photo transfer onto fabric. The "dreams" saying is on vellum and glued on to the fabric. All the fabrics are color washed or walnut inked. In order to keep the walnut ink on I used a product called "No Flow."

The little boy pic was taken in Jamaica. He is a photo transfer to fabric also. Then while still wet I added yellow tissue paper to some areas. It looks distressed even more. It will lay on chocolate velvet and turquoise tissue paper.

And here is the entire piece I am working on. The base was walnut inked. This piece is comprised of fiber/yarn , threads, tissue paper, canvas, muslin and other fabrics. Its not finished but I have selected my "Shout, Speak and Whisper." Now to complete the layout.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I'm at the library again. The company we use for connection is updating our DSL so we are having problems until we can either take our computer to them or get a tech to our home. Arrgh!! Everything happens for a reason. I finished my Angel quilt top and will post a pic when I am back on line. Have a Great day, its in the 80's here.

Friday, May 02, 2008

National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. I was able to join in and watch the National event coming from Washington, DC on godtv. What I loved was the diversity of the people chosen to speak to the Nation and to pray for our nation.

On May 14th Israel will celebrate its 60th birthday as a Nation. During the next fourteen days Christians from all over the world will arrive in Jerusalem to celebrate with the Jewish people. Also The Call Israel will take place. My hubby and I took our boys to the first call, The Call,DC
which was the first call ever and since then they have chosen strategic places to continue The Call.

I would love to be in Israel to celebrate their nation's birthday. May God bless their nation and the US stand by Israel always.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Grandmother Angel Who Holds The Sunset

This is the WIP I am rushing to finish by Saturday morning. It doesn't look like much yet. This is not the background I am using. I chose a piece from the Lewis and Clark collection of fabric. My angel is a genealogist, loves the sunset, roses and orchids and visiting Hawaii or Epcot in Florida. She is a teacher at the local college. So far I have her perched on a large yellow, red rose holding the sunset. The title will be Grandmother Angel Who Holds the Sunset. I'm waiting for the background fabric to dry. And while I am waiting I will create more roses and maybe some ribbon will flow from all around the roses. Details, details that's what I need to work on. Any suggestions on how to outline the sunset and emphasize it more.

An interesting phone call yesterday.

My sister called me to ask if I could get a Richmond paper. Her son who graduates in June went to Richmond to sign up to join the Army. When he was being sworn in they called him Chris. He told them that's not my name, they said are you sure that's what we have. Then they realized there were two with the same unusual last name. They ask my nephew if he had a relative signing up too. He said no, the person couldn't be related. They replied well he probably is related bc your name is very unusual. My nephew met the other young boy and sure enough it is his cousin. My sis and hubby were divorced long ago and my nephew never met the other extended family except when he was a toddler.

This group of boys were in the 8000's sign up so a 3star General swore them in and a big article is to be in the paper. What are the odds of a cousins, who don't know each other, signing up on the same day? The recruiter said they had siblings, and hubby/wife sign ups but never cousins and esp. when they didn't know each other. God is interesting.