Sunday, June 01, 2008

What Does God See?

silly me, i just had to post these while they were in progress. i so love the colors, they are refreshing. the last one has not been finished. the little pearl beads are going to work their way around the head and down the ATC following the pink cording. i will work on it later today. i started back on "making pearls" and for some reason this time i am getting so much more out of doing it. i guess my brain has been short-circuiting. anyway, i will begin another new workshop on monday with beryl taylor's book.
can't wait to see where we go with it!! i also have an AB book in my head that i am actually drafting and sketching out. something i never do, but feel i need to do templates and work the kinks out before using paper, fabric and other things. But then again maybe a "failed" attempt would be good bc they never are botches, just another expression to be used at a later date. nothing wasted.

That reminds me of the scripture again. "God uses all things for good to them that love Him."
I keep wondering how that looks. To God it looks totally different than what the world sees bc He sees it filtered through His Son, Jesus. Thank God for that!!

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