Tuesday, November 27, 2007

27th Anniversary Cruise Countdown

Today is the 27th of November and 19 days away from my departure to the Caribbean.

Reflecting back

After my second son was born my hubby immediately knew he wanted a third child and that was great with me. When I went into labor my hubby was on the midnight shift and his dispatcher informed him he needed to head home. My FIL arrived earlier that evening and watched the boys. I wasn't sure if I would make it to the hospital before the baby arrived. At the hospital the only thing my nurse would say is "Don't push, wait for the doctor." As my doctor walked into the room our third son greeted him. He was not waiting on anyone.
When our third son was born our oldest son picked his first name. I will never forget him calling me late at night after he and his dad got home from the hospital. His little voice said "Mom can I name him?" His name means "Jehovah's gift." And he has definitely been a gift but all of them are to me. He was the only one born with a head full of dark hair. Many times people have mistaken my other two sons for one another and thought they were twins at times.
My third born is 6'3" and stands tall above all our family. I knew after they took his stats at birth that he would be taller. I'm not sure how I knew that except that his length measured longer than my other two at birth.
If you have ever read the book "Birth Order" by Kevin Leman there is a lot of truth about the pecking order of children and their personalities. My third son is the strong and quiet one. He is just there for you, standing in the background. But because of his height, even in the background he is seen.

Tags - Step 3 Acrylic Wash

This step was very quick and easy. I have had
the acrylic paints for several years. But they were still good, so I used what I had instead of
buying more. The colors I chose were English Lace, Pineapple and Sky Blue. I watered down the paints and brushed them on three new coffee dyed tags. I like the subtle effect of the wash on the tags. Usually I like everything bold and vibrant but this entire process is teaching me to enjoy all variations of the color palette. The background is another manila folder I coffee dyed and watercolor painted. I love this folder so much I'm not sure how I will use it.


Fannie said...

We love all our children--each is unique. Three sons? I have three daughters.

Your tags and folder look great! You've inspired me to play with my folders. ;-D

morningDove said...

what fun - three daughters. frills, buttons and bows. what was that like?

Jacq said...

A nice story about the birth of your "baby". You are helping me get it together. I will get the next step done on my tags today and then get them posted. Thanks