Saturday, November 24, 2007


27th Celebration Countdown

Day 22 - In our 5th year of marriage, I began to greatly desire being a stay-at-home mom. There were three of us that attended the same church and we all felt the same way. The funny thing was one friend was our baby-sitter. In that year all three of us felt a strong commitment to pray for an answer. So everyday when we would pick up our toddlers before leaving the friend's home we would pray together. We knew God would have to change three men's hearts and help them to trust God for our finances. We began that commitment in September. One friend's answer came swiftly. My answer came on Mother's Day of the next year. My DH offered me and God a challenge. I could stop working and if it didn't work out financially I would go back to work. That was a deal I knew was worth taking and I knew in my heart God would be found faithful. I had missed so many firsts in my son's life and longed to be home with him. I finished my last day of work sometime in July, along with the great news I was pregnant. Now my DH would have to trust even more and his responsibility just became greater. That was truly the first time I had ever experienced God in such a real and tangible way in a group effort of prayer.
Needle Felting

FAT offered the group a challenge during the Thanksgiving holidays. We could create through any medium a bird design. We had been talking about the crow. So I thought why not try free-handing a needle-felted bird. I purchased a small piece of fleece and bag of wool yesterday. My
greatest concern in using fleece was could it hold its shape without stretching too much. The picture looks fuzzy. In actuality felting the wool onto the fleece gave me the fuzzy look. I have always heard crows are attracted to shiny things. During a scavenger hunt this ole' crow snatched a big "bling". Wonder if the owner will notice it missing? The fleece did stretch a little bit but not enough to distort the postcard. This card is a keeper for now. Caw, caw, caws it is my first attempt at free-hand design.


Fannie said...

Funny. "Caws" it's your first is a good reason. Nice work.

Jacq said...

Great first needlefelting project. Did you see the new Quilting Arts Magazine, there is a good article on needle felting.

morningDove said...

thanks Jacq for suggested I read the felting article in QA mag.