Sunday, November 04, 2007

Turn Back The Hands Of Time

Today at 2pm our part of the country sets their clocks back by one hour. So we gain an hour. What's that little poem: Fall back, Spring forward. I never could remember when time changed until someone told me this little poem. I believe there is more but I don't know it.

I took a class with Bonnie McCafferty called "Painted Faces" at Quilting Adventures. At the time I wanted to experiment with round quilts. The end result was a basket weave, and my idea of quilting it was to use hoops to give it shape. I didn't want to finish the edges, they were left open exposing the batting. This quilt became known as Pharoah's Daughter. If you remember in the OT she came down to the river to bathe and found a basket with baby Moses placed safely in it. As a child I loved this story of hope and promise. Plus it didn't hurt that he was taken into the King's Palace. Most every little girl's dream: to be a princess. The red hoop represents our blood line to the greatest King, King Jesus.

I have a quilting friend that moved to Wisconsin several years back so she could be near her son. She had put him up for adoption when she was a young girl of 16 and never found him until two years ago. He wanted to know his mother and she wanted to find her son. Two wonderful stories with happy endings. She gave me the little clock with quilting symbols that represent numbers on the clock. As you can see it is moving toward "pincushion" time.

So many times I have wished I could turn back the hands of time with events that happened in my life. I guess this is the only time I am able to do that. I realize now that everything in my past is what has shaped me to be the person I am at present.


Fannie said...

Time is an idea that has shaped my writing and artwork. It inspires emotions which move me to create. Yes, one's past shapes one's future. The present is the result of the past. The "present" is also a "gift." You are a gift.

Jacq said...

There are many times it would be nice to turn back time and have a "do over". But then I wonder how differently I would do things. I love where I am in my life.