Saturday, November 10, 2007

License to Create

I finished my Dotee dolls yesterday and posted them with a little ditty about Dotee having babies. One person hosts the trade and designs a sample of the traded item. From there all artists have license to create whatever comes to their mind. As I began to work on my doll she just felt naked. So I gave my babies a blankie. The last doll became "granny". Everyone needs a good granny to come visit them and encourage them. My babies were given names and will be sent away with birth announcements. I must go shopping for baby paraphernalia as it has been a long time since I have had babies in my home. This trade was so much fun and everyone's finished dolls are spectacular. Here you see Snowflake, Purple Rain-Sassy Thing (granny in bottom middle) , Joseph Coat of Many Colors, Sweetie Pie & African Braids.

Purple Rain-Sassy Thing is still living in the 70's. She is one cool but tough granny. Everybody loves to see her come visit them. She is always stirring up the household with her creative ideas. Don't you just love it!!

Side Note: Another deadline: I must forward my last Program insert for my guild to the Newsletter person today. In April 2008 Karen Combs will come to do a program on illusion.
Then I will be totally free from Program duties and the new chairperson will take over. Actually she is already working on some great ideas and I am looking forward to participating in them.

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Jacq said...

I love your dolls and thier personalities. I think Mirella and I shall have to make some, when visits the next time.