Friday, November 16, 2007

Simple Is Good

I belong to a small quilting group that meets on Wednesday's called Creative Circle. Unfortunately I have not been able to attend much lately. I see it as a flow-through group, which means members are free to come and go. We are a very informal group with diverse talents and experiences in quilting.
The wall hanging in the pic was a fun quilt I did in a class on color study and layout. I like the simplicity of the 9-patch block. The center was created from that one block changing fabric color. I added a little three dimension by placing yoyo's in the corner and a loosely, tacked-on butterfly in the center. I wanted to use the small panels on the sides but was short a few inches. My teacher showed me anything is possible - by adding another square from one of the fabric selections in the center and carrying it out into the border.
What I learned from this little quilt - 1) lighten up, have fun and play, 2) keep is simple - one block can go a long way, 3) don't be afraid to try a new technique.
I like doing a play on words so my quilt was named "Oran'cha Glad."

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