Friday, November 30, 2007

Pizza Dough and Marriage Proposal

27th Anniversary Cruise Countdown

Day 16 - I thought back to when my DH ask me to marry him. We met in the northern part of the state where he was assigned after graduating from the academy. I had moved up there after returning from living in CA. He was the kind of guy you could talk to for hours and share anything. He was a great listener. He became a great friend first. We lived in the same complex - he with two friends and me with my sister. We had been dating for almost two years. One evening I was making pizza from scratch and I noticed he was acting strange. He came up behind me in the kitchen and said to me he had something to ask me. My hands were covered in pizza dough so I couldn't even put the ring on. After he popped the question, he collapsed in the living room chair from sheer adrenaline pumping. I had never seen anyone that pale. That was a glorious day for me. He shared how he ask his dad about marrying me. And dad being the simple, wonderful man he was replied, "If you love her what's the problem. Marry her."

Dotee Dolls Trade Closed

Yesterday we were assigned trade partners and mailed out our dolls to their new homes. I decided to have a little more fun with them. Since they were FAT babies, I felt they needed a blankie to cover them for travel and what better way than tucked in a FAT quarter. I also made little mini brag books for the recipient announcing their birth, with their name and some pics in the brag book. As you can see Sweetie Pie has her little baby rattle close by and is safely tucked in her blankie. What fun!!

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